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Visiting today, it is apparent that the shop is no longer active. Despite being a reliable store from the past few years, it still closed down. Apparently, even good stores are bound to close eventually, with no clear reason as to why.

Reviews available for Indian Pharma Online point out that the store was able to serve its consumers dutifully and exhibited swift delivery service and helpful customer support for the buyers. Apart from these, buyers were thankful for the low prices for the products. History

This store was a shop which sold products since 2010 to 2016. The store sold Indian generic products without asking for buyer prescriptions. This made it easy for the clients to procure their Rx meds from the store, which may not be acceptable for legal agencies, since online or not, meds actually require prescriptions before being dispensed. The store offered good prices for its products (due to their generic nature, they were really cheap); for instance, sold its generic Viagra item for only $0.83 and its generic Cialis for only as low as $1.32 per pill. On top of these low prices, also gave out free pill samples, plus additional discounts for clients who’d like to reorder.

However, though lasted for 6 years, its operation was cut short for some reason. There was no pinpointed matter for the shop’s domain closing, but it seems that the good reviews for the store were unable to prevent its eventual closure. Replacements

Now that this store is offline and gone without a trace, it is a problem for its buyers to locate shops to replace this store. is now offline, so it’s time to consider other alternatives. There are a great number of online stores on the web carrying the same products, but not all of them are reliable enough to supply and deliver medications.

If you’re having a problem looking for websites which may be trusted for sure delivery and good quality medications, you can always take a look at our list of online stores. We listed several stores you can use for medical needs. These online shops which you can use to replace have good prices and good deals for its products, plus freebies whenever available.

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