Has Been Put Out of Business: How to Spot a Reliable e-Pharmacy has been put out of business. Instead of seeing its homepage, you come across a seizure notice from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that informs all the visitors that InHouseGenerics was carrying counterfeit drugs instead of generics. Homeland Security Investigations is investigating all sites that were involved in importing cheap knockoff medicines from abroad and selling them to consumers at home at cheaper prices. has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

Dealing in counterfeits equals drug smuggling and those found guilty have to face imprisonment as well as pay a monetary penalty. These measures are taken by the federal authorities to protect the consumers from potentially harmful medicines produced at unknown plants based in developing countries. But all medicines are not counterfeits, some are generics and brand equals that are produced on international ISO certified pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. These generics are available to consumers at a much lower price. The easier and cheaper availability of these medicines and the consumers’ preference for them make the global pharma industry very uneasy. Thus, it is always making a hue and cry against generic medicine sellers and urging the government to curb their sales in the USA. Reviews cannot be accessed now but this review would give you an idea of its services and features when it was online. InHouseGeneric asserted that it was working in this industry for nearly 9 years. It stocked generic medicines from India and claimed to bring it to the consumers at affordable prices. So in principle, there was nothing unique about In House Generic and it was offering its consumers the same features that the other online medicine stores were offering. An online search related to insights shared by the customers of produced no results. There is a greater possibility that this data been removed now after the site has been shut down. However, we can still check out the repute of InHouseGeneric at some places and get an idea whether it was good or not. Scamner’s results show that was a site was carrying illegal medicines that had been reported as an “online scam” numerous times. Safety Level Safety Level

Hence, its safety score was zero. WOT scores related to InHouseGeneric were also low and GURBL, regular contributor there, had added the name of In House Generic to its “spammed websites” list on 7 January 2014. Feedback Feedback

If you look at Scam Advisor’s results related to InHouseGeneric, they are equally discouraging. It turned out to be yet another Russian scam site pretending to be a US online store selling generics. There were other high-risk sites associated with and a malware report too associated with its site. Trust Rating Trust Rating Alternatives is gone now and customers who had placed their orders there or were planning to do so are now lost for options. They are also afraid that all online generics sellers will turn out to be frauds and will be closed down eventually by authorities. But this isn’t true in the case of online vendors who are dealing in genuine generics instead of counterfeits. They are running a legitimate and dependable service and have real customers who bank on their services and have spoken favorably about them too. If you go through our online guide, you would be able to get to know the names of these online vendors and get to know all the relevant details which would make your order placement secure and hassle-free. Buying generic medicines at affordable prices is not as hard as you think thanks to our comprehensive and impartial user guide.

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