Review – Too Expensive for Buying ED Drugs Main Page Main Page is a drug store that has been serving its customers for 18 years now. The store has even made a claim that it is among the longest standing drug stores working online. The company says that it sells all kinds of uncontrolled drugs belonging to different categories to customers belonging to different parts of the world. Each and every medicine that this store provides is manufactured by a reputable manufacturing company that has been approved by the FDA. The main motto of InHousePharmacy is to serve as a platform that provides high-quality drugs at cheap prices without compromising on the effectiveness. The store also does not require the customers to send in prescriptions prior to ordering from it. In House Pharmacy sells medicines related to the categories of neurological disorders, pain management, men’s health, fertility, pet care, depression, cancer, contraceptives, heart health, smoking cessation, weight loss, skin care and sleep disorders along with a lot of others. The prices of the medicines available here are quite high unlike the claims made by the company. This can be proven by assessing the price of a famous ED drugs called Levitra, which is being sold at 26.54 US Dollars per unit, which is really expensive. accepts payment by credit cards including Visa Card and MasterCard. It also accepts money through Bitcoin and E-checks, the latter one being exclusive to the US residents only. The company does not charge for shipping cost and provides a free delivery service to all the customers irrespective of their areas. The shipping is made via Standard International Airmail and requires 14 to 21 days. The time of duration can vary from area to area. Ems service is also available for customers who want to get their parcels delivered early, but it is charged separately by the company. In House Pharmacy says that it refunds all those orders which have been successfully returned to the company and the medicines are sealed and in a good condition for resale. For contacting the company, the US residents can dial 800-868-9064 for making a free call, while the UK residents can make a free call to +1-800-868-906. Customers belonging to other areas can make a paid call to +1-800-868-906. Reviews currently has only one review on an independent website. The review has been made by a happy customer who has given a full fledge rating to InHousePharmacy. He has said that the company has an “excellent pharmaceutical professionalism” and provides “bona fid” products to its customers. The client has mentioned that he has been using In House Pharmacy for ordering drugs for a long time. Testimonial Testimonial

The costs of drugs at this store is “controlled” and the delivery process is “excellent”. Lastly, the client mentioned that this store does not “spam” the email address provided to it and has an “excellent” customer support center.

The fact that this review is present on a third party website automatically confirms its authenticity. This review is quite positive and has impressed me but I would need to have more proof before I could call In House Pharmacy as a reliable place for buying drugs. Reviews 2016

InHousePharmacy has received some latest reviews from the customers’ side, most of which are in favor of the store. Edward Hansen has made a comment saying that the store provides “fast delivery” and “first class” quality of the products. Testimonial 2016 Testimonial 2016

Judy Meg Williams has appreciated the fact that the products sent by In House Pharmacy have a “long expiry date” and do not take “more money” than they should. Juan Garcia said that he has had “no problems” while ordering from In House Pharmacy and that their medicines are “authentic” and properly packed. Safety Information Safety Information

LegitScript has defied all the comments made by the customers regarding In House Pharmacy and clearly stated that it is a rogue website that has not provided a proof of its authenticity even though it has been working for over a decade. Coupon Codes

I found In House Pharmacy to be slightly disappointing when it comes to discounts. There are no discount offers or any coupon codes given by the website. This is not a good situation for the store itself as the medicines are offered here at very high prices and good discount offers are direly needed. Bitcoin Discount Bitcoin Discount

The company has, however, mentioned that it will give a 10% discount on all the orders which are paid for using Bitcoin as it is a safe and a really quick way of making payment and receiving the medications.

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