Review – Shady Site with Limited Info! Front Front is one of the numerous online sites selling steroids plus other drugs. As the site information says, has been in the online drug market since 2014 but did not offer more details about the company aside from that piece of info.

Referring to the site’s content, I saw that steroids are not the only ones being sold on, but it was hard to know the exact categories the other meds belong to, as the products on the site were arranged alphabetically by their generic names. But I’m sure I saw some asthma meds and some men’s health meds available.

There wasn’t really an information sheet referring to the details of the’s products, but it can be implied that the products are mostly generics. There was no mention of the products being approved or regulated by a drug-regulating body like FDA or WHO. Prescription policies were also not discussed anywhere on the site, so clients are just free to order any drug they wish on the site.

Like I said, it is a bit tricky knowing the products is offering due to its current arrangement. But I saw a few men’s health meds (ED) on the site like Sildenafil and Tadalafil products. The products were mostly generics and were from Indian manufacturers. But, I discovered that has Viagra (Pfizer) and sells it for $20 for the 4-pill blister (100 mg). But for Tadalafil, there was no brand-name drug available; only Apcalis (Ajanta Pharma) can be bought on the site, and it was sold for $18 for 4 tablets (20 mg). I observed that the site did not have any drug description or specific instructions on the drugs. Just the photos and the prices were posted and none else, which is so unlike the other sites which provide complete drug information on every product.

According to the site, it processes (ships out) the orders every next working day an order is placed. Shipping costs $6-$11; charges $6 for every domestic shipment and $11 for shipment abroad. Since the language was polished, I think the site is located in Poland and caters only to EU orders as its international service only has a transit time of 3-5 days, which is impossible for inter-continent shipping. My guess is that this site is only for Polish and EU clients.

As for the payments, the disclosed method was PayPal, but the other payment options weren’t discussed. No policies were also discussed, so the site’s actions towards lost or damaged orders are still unclear. Also, may only be contacted using the email form on the site or by sending emails to this address: [email protected] Aside from those, there were no other ways to reach the site, which I find rather sketchy. Reviews:

I tried browsing the web for reviews from clients pertaining to’s service, but it was unfortunate that I wasn’t able to locate even a single one. This is not a good sign, as a site without a review is almost a site without integrity. Clients cannot possibly trust a site without any form of client reviews available, especially from reputable third-party sites. For all I know, may be a Scam Site.

International Anabolic Reviews 2016:

International Anabolic Scam Analysis by Scamadviser
International Anabolic Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

It was a shock that was rated more than what I expected it to have; the site was given a 71% trust rating by Scam Adviser. There were no negative reports detected for the site, and the only concern Scam Adviser had of the site was that its owner is using a service to hide his identity and location.

But even if this site was rated higher than usual, I still can’t see myself trusting it due to the “shady-ness” emanated by the site. It had a limited information about it and there’s just something not trustworthy about it in general.

International-anabolic Coupon Codes:

Like its skimpiness when it comes to information, was also stingy when it came to its promotional offers. There were no vouchers given away, no free pills, no free shipping; there’s basically nothing extra for the clients to enjoy on this site.

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