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As implied by the name of the online pharmacy, is virtual pharmacy which sources its products from a licensed (by the Ministry of Health) Israeli pharmacy found in Bet Shemesh in Israel. Its goal is to provide clients with the “highest-quality” yet affordable brand-name and generic name medications. It started operating in 2007 and according to its information, it is not a pharmacy in itself. It’s more of an intermediary between the mentioned Israeli pharmacy and its clients. It is strange, though, that clients in Israel or Canada are not allowed to be sold of any product by this site.

All the meds, according to, are compliant with the guidelines set by Israel’s Ministry of Health and also with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines set by the WHO. The drugs are FDA-approved as well. Also, according to the site, it does not sell medicines from India or Mexico and sells only authentic medications. But, not all the Israeli meds sold by the site are Kosher, so clients are advised to contact the site which of the meds they sell are Kosher.

There were links to external sites for verifying and they include WSJ (Wall Street Journal) Live,,, Biblical Archaeology, The Times of Israel, and B’nai B’rith. I have used the links but unfortunately, there was no relevant content for on these sites. Maybe they are just sponsors of and not really for verifying the site’s authenticity. is strict in implementing a no-prescription, no-medication policy when it comes to its prescription meds. The online store is licensed to dispense up to a 3-months’ worth of meds, though, like any other online pharmacy, as it is the limit set by the FDA.

As for its products, lists a number of medications suitable for most medical conditions. There was a shortlist of generic names available on the site, but clients may find the full list of the medical categories that has by using the link at the bottom of the site. The product database is also searchable and the buyers may easily spot the meds on the site using its search function. I was able to find a number of ED meds on the site like Viagra (Pfizer), Cialis (Lilly), and Levitra (Bayer). claims to sell the products for a lower price than most pharmacies, so I went on to check the prices for these ED meds.

I found out that only sells Viagra by Pfizer by 8s; it sells the pack for $78.10 for the 100 mg and it sells the pack of 8, 50 mg pills for $71.50. Cialis (Lilly), on the other hand, is sold for $90.20 for 4 pieces of the 20 mg variant and $192 for 28 pieces of the 5 mg type. Levitra (Bayer) 10 mg is also sold here, and for $48.40 for 4 pieces; the 20 mg variant is also available, and can be bought at $85.80 for 4 pieces. Honestly, I do not think that the prices for these ED meds are the cheapest in the market, but compared with these meds’ prices in the local drugstores, these are comparably lower.

There is a flat rate of $20 for shipping charged on all the items, regardless of weight. This shipping cost is meant for the EMS shipping, which takes 7-10 days to get delivered. Items are dispatched within 48 hours of the payments getting cleared. Clients may pay for the items using Visa and MasterCard payments only.

I have read’s policies and I have not seen any discussion of the non-delivered products and damaged products. But, there was a reference to returns; I found out that by law, isn’t allowed to accept product returns and it also refuses to give clients refunds when it comes to prescriptions. Now there was no further detail to the statements, so buyers should confirm with the site regarding its policies.

Buyers may reach’s support team using the contact form provided on the site. Clients are instructed to wait 24 hours for the Support’s response.

Israel Pharm Reviews:

Israel Pharm Reviews
Israel Pharm Reviews

A number of buyers were able to leave their reviews for and most of these client reviews were all adulation for the site’s efficient service and quality products.

Audrey Vermont (from the USA) who posted her review in August 2014, was one of those clients appreciative of the service she received from According to her, she was able to purchase medication from the store which is far cheaper than the quote she received from her local pharmacy. She also was pleased with the “warm” treatment she received from the site’s staff.

Claire B and Lois Hornig, who were both clients from the USA also shared the same response with Audrey ; the other two clients were also pleased with’s low pricing for its products. These clients also noted how well they were treated by the site’s staff and considered that as a plus.

Jean Posner, a doctor from the US (posted June 17, 2015), noted how the site was able to make affordable the usually expensive meds for her patients. She appreciated how gave a chance to her patients to afford the medications which were usually priced exorbitantly by the local US pharmacies.

I like how these testimonials spoke about’s quality service and affordable pricing. But, the thing is, these reviews were just found on the site and not from the independent sites. There’s a lurking possibility that these reviews may be biased towards, as they only came from the site itself.

Israelpharm Reviews 2016:

Israelpharm Reviews 2016
Israelpharm Reviews 2016
Scamadviser Report on Israelpharm
Scamadviser Report on Israelpharm

Aside from the reviews posted on the testimonial page, there were also individual product reviews posted for each of’s products. I have discovered that a number of these reviews were actually recent and according to, were from verified purchases. Harrison B (posted November 12, 2016) rated 5/5 not only for its products but also for its good service. According to him, he is planning to get more medications from the site.

Another reviewer, Amauri S., gave 5/5 as he was also pleased with the site’s service and products. The client said that he will recommend’s service.

As for’s rating for, it was given only a 49% rating for its security aspect. It was also indicated as a threat listed site as it was detected to have a “rogue” status and malware report linked to it. The detected age and location for the site were accurate, though; was detected to have an age of 9+ years and was indeed located in Israel. Coupon Codes:

It would have been great to see coupon or voucher codes available on, but sadly, there were none to find. There were also no conditional free shipping promos or even simple freebies for clients on the site.

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