Kamagra-Fast.com Review – Glitch-y Site with Page Redirects

Front Page of Kamagra-Fast.com
Front Page of Kamagra-Fast.com

Kamagra-fast.com is a UK-based generics supplier with a history of 10 years in business. As said in the site’s description, Kamagra-fast.com is able to do Next-day Kamagra deliveries (hence the “fast” in its domain). This store markets its capability to send out the orders within the same day as the order date and, therefore, makes clients receive orders for ED meds faster than any other online pharmacy.

The name Kamagra-fast.com denotes that most of the products found in this store is Sildenafil-related. Kamagra is the brainchild and product of Ajanta Pharma, and the name of its Sildenafil drug which is a generic analog of the famous Viagra by Pfizer. No other medications are offered here aside from Kamagra and its derivatives, and just a few other ED medications like generic Cialis, generic Levitra, and some generic “female Viagra” pills.

Kamagra-fast.com is actually a simple (basic) site that does not have much information for its clients. FDA-approvals are not mentioned here, but I know for a fact that the manufacturer Ajanta Pharma is one of the renowned drugmakers in India that are accredited by their country’s FDA. As for the prescriptions, though these Kamagra drugs are supposed to be bought with Rx, Kamagra-fast.com is able to dispense them without asking its clients to send in their Rx. This may be one of the reasons why this store can ship and deliver fast, but clients are encouraged to get properly checked before taking any of these ED meds to avoid complications.

There are several variations of Kamagra available here at Kamagra-fast.com (super, jelly, polo, soft chews, and fizz), but I will just share the prices for just the plain tablets. Four 100 mg Kamagra pills are priced $10.90. Generic Levitra is also being sold here, but for a minimum of 20 pills; the pack costs about $46.

As for the shipping fees and the policies related to the order process, they weren’t shown anywhere in Kamagra-fast.com. There were tabs dedicated to those topics, but the website seems to have a glitch and doesn’t show anything except the login page when almost all links on the site are clicked. I was willing to register and all to access the pages, but there was no account registration page. I guess that’s just it with this site, as I can’t access anything relevant to it on the pages.

Clients may contact Kamagra-fast.com by sending its support e-mail at [email protected], and may be called at its local London number, 07847 179223.

Kamagra-Fast Reviews:

Although I was saddened that Kamagra-Fast.com did not have any client or site reviews, I wasn’t surprised at all. I have gotten used to the fact that around 3/4 of the sites I visit are without client reviews, so this is just one of the instances that I have to deal with another site having no palpable client reviews. It was just interesting that a pharmacy claiming 10 years of service doesn’t have even a single client review to prove it correct. Since there was nothing to this site, I move on.

Kamagra Fast Reviews 2016:

Kamagra Fast Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Kamagra Fast Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Because there was nothing left to do with Kamagra-Fast.com but to check it against Scam Adviser (to see how it holds up), I went on indeed to check it with the program. It’s just too bad, though, that Kamagra-Fast.com was rated 0% safe by scamadviser.com, due to malware activity reports linked to it.

Also, instead of showing 10 years in its domain age, Kamagra-Fast.com only has about 4 years of site activity detected for it, which is in the deficit of more than half the years it declared to have. Being a site with 0% safety rating, I cannot see myself trusting Kamagra-Fast.com to handle my orders, let alone recommend others to try it out.

Kamagra-Fast.com Coupon Codes:

Vouchers weren’t available at Kamagra-Fast.com at the moment. The site was pretty basic and honestly, it is not the type which would give clients voucher codes or seasonal discounts. There wasn’t any freebie promo going around on this site, and even free shipping bids weren’t available here.

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