Kamagra.be is Gone: Why is this Shop Closed?

Kamagra.be is a generic impotence treatment store which is traced in Belgium. The shop today is now seized by the government, not only by Belgium’s government but international government agencies. Due to the consumer reports of counterfeit medications on the web, agencies from all parts of the world (from Belgium, Romania, the United States, Hong Kong, Colombia, and other countries) aggregated in order to protect the consumers from counterfeiters and scammers online. According to the notice on the domain, the store’s service was terminated due to its illegal activities.

Kamagra.be has been Seized
Kamagra.be has been Seized

The TransAtlantic II/Project American Icon was these international agencies’ project which targeted online operators selling fake products. This means that Kamagra.be was proven in violation of the legislations pertaining to the sale of online products. Although there are no specific reports or details concerning the outcome of Kamagra.be, but the operators of this store may have been locked up or made to pay fines for their illegal activities. The store’s domain has long been seized; Kamagra.be has been sequestered by Project American Icon since 2013.

Kamagra.be History

The store Kamagra.be was a store with stocks of medications for erectile dysfunction. Based on the name of the store, the products available on Kamagra.be were mostly Kamagra products from Ajanta Pharma, one of the trusted pharmaceutical companies in India. The shop only had a few years of service (about 2-3 years) before it was seized by the government due to apparent illegal operations.

Kamagra.be Archieve Screenshot
Kamagra.be Archieve Screenshot

According to the recovered information for Kamagra.be, the shop was the “only authorized importer” of Kamagra products. Kamagra.be only shipped its products to Belgium and the Netherlands and not internationally. It is also interesting to note that Kamagra.be had an advisory on its shop against “fake” medications from China and the shop also claimed that it only sold “genuine” Kamagra products from the famous company, Ajanta Pharma. However, besides Kamagra, Kamagra.be also sold a variety of products for several clinical concerns. Aside from the usual Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil products, Kamagra.be also stocked Dapoxetine and weight loss pills. We were unable to determine the prices from the shop, though, but the store claims that its prices are low as the products were sourced directly from the factory. User feedbacks were unavailable for Kamagra.be (unfortunately), so it is rather difficult to determine if the shop gave good service to its patrons or it scammed its clients in the past.

Kamagra.be Alternatives

You are bound to look for new sites due to the absence of Kamagra.be from the online scene. There are other alternative online pharmacies accessible on the web, so you should be able to find some good ones out there. If you want a shortcut, though, we have this list of online pharmacies we trust; these vendors are proven reliable over the years, so you won’t have any problems dealing with these stores online. Plus, these shops are known to offer huge discounts when it comes to generic medications, so it’s time you try them out!

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