Kamagra24.com Review – Suspicious Company without Customer Service!

Front Page of Kamagra24.com
Front Page of Kamagra24.com

Kamagra24.com is the online pharmacy claimed to provide the customers with the high quality potency drugs from the best manufacturers. I visited the site to find out it lives up to its claims.

Although Kamagra24.com seemed to be well-organized, but still, there is lack of important information that most of the customers want to know before they make their purchase from any store. As said, there is “About us” page on the website of Kamagra24.com that has no information provided about years of experience, however, I found that the company is being operated from Israel.

Men, who are looking to give their impotency a boost, can buy more than 20 products of Kamagra and other generics. The Kamagra24.com only offers the generic medications by the major pharmaceutical manufacturers including Inter Alia, Ajanta Pharma etc. besides this, an extensive range of ED products are offered by this company at different rates. Super Kamagra is available to be purchased at the rate of 7.30$, Kamagra 100 mg tablet is available at the cost of 1.29$.

Kamagra24.com offers men the complete discretion and understands the complexity of their impotence, so they offer the discreet delivery of the package without making it evident what their package contains. The packages are delivered to their customers using the DHL or by transfer registered delivery with the cost of $5.62 within Germany, $7.87 to Switzerland and Austria and $11.24 to all the other countries. The delivering time is not mentioned on the page; however, it is provided that they ship within 24 hours after receipt. The payment methods include only the European and German bank transfers. PayPal and credit cards are not accepted at Kamagra24.com. Moreover, in case of loss of a package, the company offers full refund.

You can only reach the company using their email at [email protected] , as phone services are not available for the customers of Kamagra24.com. To check the customer services of the company, I emailed the company at their provided email address, but got no response till now.

Kamagra24.com Reviews:

Well, this information is not enough to trust a company, as buying meds is the matter of health, so, it is wiser to check the reputation of the company you are considering. It is claimed by the Kamagra24.com that, “we do not sell fake”. In order to know the truth behind this claim, it is necessary to check the previous experience of customers, who have used this company to buy their meds and to check the quality of their products.

But unfortunately, I was unable to find any reviews from customers who have used Kamagra24.com previously. This means that if I am going to trust this pharmacy, I might be risking my money and my health too. It is wiser to look for other pharmacies that are reliable and trusted by customers, to buy your healthcare meds. So, I am not going to trust any company that is not supported by the customers or buyers.

Kamagra24 Reviews 2016:

As I was not able to find the previous customer reviews about kamagra24.com, I continued my research in the hope of finding something that can help me to make my decision about the company. Fortunately, there are number of pharmacy reviewing sites and scam detecting checkers that can aid me in making my opinion about Kamagra24.com.

So, I decided to check the reputation and credibility of Kamagra24.com using Scamadvisor.com. According to the Scamadvisor, Kamagra 24 pharmacy is not trustworthy site. So, the report for this pharmacy came out to be as Kamagra24.com is not legit and not safe for the customers. Furthermore, Scamadvisor revealed that this pharmacy claimed to be US based but in reality, it is being operated from Israel. Moreover, the company has got low trust rating of 0 percent that makes its hazardous for the customers to trusting this site.

Kamagra24 Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Kamagra24 Trust Rating by Scamadviser

So, I am not going to use this site to buy my ED drugs because there could be number of risks associated with Kamagra24.com that I am not ready to take. I am advising my readers to look for another place that can provide them with safe and high quality drugs with security and trust.

Kamagra 24 Coupon Codes:

Discount offers and sales are warmly welcomed by the users and customers who are not in condition to buy their meds at actual prices. That is the reason most of the drug stores offer different kinds of discounts and sales over their products to attract such customers who are not insured of their health or cannot afford expensive medications.

But unfortunately, Kamagra24.com is not offering any kind of such offer or discount rates for its customers to allow them to save some money. Meaning, the customers have to buy expensive meds using this pharmacy, that is not at all reliable.

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