Kamagra247.com Review – A Site with Literally Nothing to See

Kamagra247.com Home Page
Kamagra247.com Home Page

This site, Kamagra247.com, is an online European Distributor of Ajanta Pharma products, which is the maker of Kamagra (a famous alternative/generic analog of Viagra). Ajanta Pharma is one of India’s leading generic manufacturers and is an FDA-approved facility. Kamagra247.com is located in London, but I think that the site is rather new.

Only Ajanta Pharma products may be found on the site, and based on the site’s name, Kamagra has a higher product density as compared with other Ajanta products on the site. There are a number of Kamagra types available on the site like the basic pills, fizzes, jellies, chewable pills, “polos”, and super pills. Other products include Generic Cialis, Generic Levitra, and a number of their variants. Since Ajanta Pharma is an FDA-approved facility, the products found on Kamagra247.com are also FDA-approved.

Even if ED products are generally classified as prescription products, Kamagra247.com does not require its clients to submit their prescriptions in order to avail of the meds. This meant quicker order processing as compared with other sites which require prescriptions first; but, clients should be consulting their GPs before trying out new prescription meds.

I had great difficulty viewing the product prices of Kamagra247.com since it requires customers to register first before being able to view the products and prices of the site. I actually wasn’t able to view any product at all, as there seems to be a problem with the site’s system. I tried to create an account, but I had been continuously redirected to the login page for the returning customers. It’s too bad that I can’t view a single product from the site due to this glitch.

The site is also not very generous with its information regarding shipping costs, returns, reshipments, refunds, and other topics. There were portions allotted for these but they weren’t accessible; Kamagra247.com requires that the buyers register first. The thing is like I mentioned, there was a glitch preventing clients like me from registering, so there wasn’t another way to view any site information aside from those already posted on its home page.

Kamagra247 may be contacted through emailing [email protected] or call 00 44 7722 107737. I urge you to notice that the email ID is personal and not registered with a business.

Kamagra247.com Reviews

Reviews were not found for Kamagra247.com, either on its site or from other sites (review sites, forums, blogs, and the like). Since it did not have reviews or even mentions from forum sites, I don’t think that this site is anywhere near “safe” to order from. I need to see reviews for a site, and since Kamagra247.com did not have any, I couldn’t possibly trust that it can deliver.

Kamagra 247 Reviews 2016

Kamagra 247 Review by Scamadvisor
Kamagra 247 Review by Scamadvisor

Again, no 2016 reviews were available for Kamagra247.com anywhere on the web. It was rated only 43% safe for its trust rating, and Scamadviser.com indicated that the odds of it being unsafe are greater than the possibility that it’s safe.

Kamagra247.com has been detected to have almost 4 years in its run length. It was also found to be a Rogue pharmacy since October 2012 (meaning it was already Rogue since it’s started), and its owner is trying to hide its identity using a service. aside from being Rogue, Kamagra247.com was also found to have malware incidents connected to it, which makes it all the more unsafe to use.

Kamagra247.com Coupon Codes

It wasn’t really exciting to view Kamagra247.com’s site due to the glitch, and due to the fact that it did not have client offers to stimulate clients’ interest to order. While other pharmacies have free shipping, free pills, coupon codes, and rewards for returning clients, Kamagra247.com had none to offer. As a client, I would want the site I am visiting to have readily-viewable information like the prices and the general policies intended to educate the clients in ordering from the site. Kamagra247.com requires that clients register first; it wasn’t really a problem to comply, but the site does not even allow new registrants, allowing me to view nothing on it.

There was literally nothing to see on Kamagra247.com except for its home page. Aside from that, nothing else shows except the redirect login page (which sucks, by the way). I won’t recommend Kamagra247; well, if I would recommend, no client may be able to order anyway due to the massive error/glitch this site has. For a list of recommended A+ pharmacies (as verified by customers), check my other reviews.

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