KamagraNextDayDelivery.co Review – Not a Good Place to Purchase Drugs

Home Page of KamagraNextDayDelivery.co
Home Page of KamagraNextDayDelivery.co

I am looking for a cheap online drugstore where I will be purchasing my medications from. I come across KamagraNextdayDelivery.co. From the onset, it looks like a spurious site with a lot of apprehensive scoop on the site. Time and again, I have always exhorted that no parent would ever forget to indicate the date of birth on their kid’s birth certificate. Neither should any company forget their inception date or risk facing the court of public opinion which can sometimes be unforgiving. ‘Operating for 6 years’ is too vague and does not address my concern. The site also masquerades to be operating from the UK. The site is peddling “approved medicine by the USA-FDA and designed to treat male ED.”

Basically, kamagranextdaydelivery.co deals with 2 types of ED unless additional ones were “stocked“ after I left the lethargic site. These drugs are 4 Kamagra pills at $9.75, 8 Kamagra at $17.07, and 12 Kamagra $21.94 quite a convenient strategy. Underprice the hallucinatory “drugs” sit and wait for the unsuspecting shoppers to place their orders and then disappear with the loot. Another “Prestigious Drug” at kamagranextdaydelivery.co is 10 Sildamax Tablets for $12.19, 50 Sildamax Tablets for $42.67, and 100 Sildamax Tablets for $60.95. With bandits roaming every corner of this site, it’s expected the prescriptions to be cheap. Who doesn’t know that a cheap product can cost you the most?

KamagraNextdayDelivery.co “takes” online payments seriously. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be the best idea for the hunter to become the hunted (getting swindled after fleecing someone else). I can pay with my AMEX, debit/credit cards or use a PayPal account. On high-value orders, they can arrange an invoice and I can pay via Bank Transfer.

The junkyard operators purport to send orders out for delivery from Monday- Friday through Royal Mail. International deliveries are made to any country in the world except US and Australia where allegedly there are restrictions at a fixed cost of $8.50. They give a timeline of 3-7 working days for the international delivery. This does not go down well with a person like me who worships time but does not agree well with lies. Sorry, folks, that timeline seems like a REM sleep.

I seek to probe further as to whether I can still get a refund of my money once the goods are damaged, or I don’t receive them at all. Despite all the baloney given by this site, it all percolates to this; they claim that a full refund takes 3-5 working days. They, however, end by shifting the blame to the merchants saying they have no control of the refund timelines…whoever said cons are the smartest people – deserves a smack! Only the dumbest person in the world does not know how the online payment system works.

To fortify my review, I seek to engross the customer service, and to my surprise, there are no telephone numbers on the site. Knotty is the word to use when it comes to the live chat. Being a communication executive in my previous job, I know for sure communication should be short, clear and concise. But the registration process that comes with the live chat is colossal. I mean I don’t have to be affiliated to the drugstore for me to make a simple inquiry. On top of that, why would I need a monthly newsletter from these bandits? It’s probably a way of frustrating the customers or a way to get personal info. To cut the long story short, I sent a live chat request, and as the name suggests, live chat is supposed to be snappy and 36 hours and still counting no reply.

Customer Service Message Window on KamagraNextDayDelivery.com
Customer Service Message Window on KamagraNextDayDelivery.co

KamagraNextdayDelivery Reviews:

KamagraNextdayDelivery.co has other homologous sites. I bet they must be the worst and laziest scammers around. Where did the good old days of typing go? Who does copy pasting at this age and era where there are podcasts? The ruffians have copied every detail on their site and pasted them on their clone websites.

For example, Billy from Yorkshire lounge, ”I was seeking Kamagra for a next day delivery service.I Placed an order, and they turned up as expected” These comments are spawning on other websites too and this site is an outright scam.

Mark from “London” says, “This is my new regular Kamagra supplier. Many other rip-off sites out there that takes weeks to deliver.”Mike, they do say that many see the chaff in a brother’s eye but not a log in theirs. Not good for your karma Mark! Steve from “Kent” says, “Spot on guy’s thanks a lot couldn’t ask for more” you won’t be asking for more after the readers see this!

I can proudly stand on the statue of liberty, decree and declare that kamagranextdaydelivery.co is a racket seeking to reap where they didn’t sow.

KamagraNextdayDelivery Reviews
KamagraNextdayDelivery Reviews

Kamagra Next Day Delivery Reviews 2016:

Craig would out rightly balk the idea of anyone who tries to convince him otherwise. He laments, “Scam Company takes your money and does not deliver the goods.” I’m with you on this Craig!

Gathercole is reading from the same script. He says, ”Paid £30 by visa and 10 days later as well as 3 emails no delivery or reply.”

Kamagra Next Day Delivery Reviews 2016
Kamagra Next Day Delivery Reviews 2016

Scamdviser.com seems to be sleeping on different matrimonial beds with kamagranextdaydelivery.co. It is rated as a perfect example of what a risky website should look like and a stooge 247 views. Wow, that sounds like a lot of views to a “worldwide” Online Drug Store!

Kamagra Next Day Delivery Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Kamagra Next Day Delivery Trust Rating by Scamadviser

KamagraNextdayDelivery.co Coupon Codes:

Given the nature of the feedback, only a half-baked person would expect to get coupons or any form of a discount from this site. I mean if they can’t deliver the goods paid for by customers would they have the sanity to give a discount?

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