Kamagraus.com Review – Not a Reliable Site to Order ED Meds

Kamagraus.com Front
Kamagraus.com Front

Kamagra is a widely-known alternative for Viagra (Sildenafil) and is marketed for its cheaper price than the famous ED medication. This drug is manufactured by Ajanta Pharma from India, which is an FDA-approved facility for the manufacturing of generic medications. Now Kamagraus.com, according to its info, is a supplier of Kamagra and other Ajanta Pharma medications in the UK, US, and EU countries. It was not stated where it is located exactly, which is quite typical of online pharmacies nowadays.

No other meds are available on Kamagraus.com except for these Indian generic medications which are all indicated for Erectile Dysfunction. Like I have mentioned, the products are mostly from Ajanta Pharma, but since there were not much information on the product descriptions, I was unable to see if there were products from other Indian manufacturers as well.

There was no FAQ section on the site, so it was a bit tricky gathering information regarding the site. But since there was no information regarding any prescription policy, I think Kamagraus.com readily dispenses its products to buyers although ED meds are exclusively Rx meds.

Clients may purchase Sildenafil here for as low as $6.22 (4 pills) for the 100 mg pills. The equivalent of Cialis (Tadalafil), Tadacip, is sold for at least $10 for a pack of 4 pills (20 mg). The prices are super cheap and clients indeed are able to save more in buying from Kamagraus.com, should it be proven reliable enough to order from.

I have seen that Kamagraus.com is offering free shipping on all its items but did not specify to which locations exactly. I tried to do a checkout and I saw that the site indeed has free shipping on all its items, even for the cheapest orders. I checked out only with an $8 item and I wasn’t charged anything for the shipping. I find that odd, though, as it seems too good to be true. Shipping an $8 order internationally will cost more than the profit Kamagraus.com is supposed to make on the small order. It really doesn’t add up.

Regarding payments, Kamagraus.com allows Visa and MasterCard only. It was also peculiar that the site isn’t using https:// for the checkout page. This means that it does not have encryption for the data being exchanged on the site, which makes clients vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Returns are not offered by Kamagraus.com. However, it offers refunds for clients who are unable to receive their orders for more than 21 days. Refunds are also given by Kamagraus.com to clients who received wrong orders. For other issues concerning Kamagraus.com’s delivery and other services, clients may reach Kamagraus.com’s support by using the contact page on the site or by calling +44-7937428074.

Kamagraus Reviews:

No reviews were presented on Kamagraus.com and neither were client reviews accessible on external review sites. As a client, I find it great to see client accounts of their ordering experience from the site, so that I’ll have an idea how Kamagraus.com really works. But since there were none, I think I am left skeptical about the site’s integrity.

Kamagraus.com Reviews 2016:

Kamagraus.com Scam Analysis by Scamadviser
Kamagraus.com Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

Since this is the internet age, I was assuming to find a number of client reviews from Kamagraus.com clients all over the web. Apparently, I was mistaken, as there wasn’t even a single client review for the site from the past years of its service or for the current year. But there was an analysis from Scamadviser.com intended for Kamagraus.com and it showed a Kamagraus.com. Kamagraus.com was detected to have a “rogue” status since 2013 although there was no malware report detected for it. It was also detected to be from India and has a 4-year runtime.

Kamagra Us Coupon Codes:

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on Kamagra Us
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders on Kamagra Us

No coupons were available, but Kamagraus.com gives its clients free shipping on all orders. There wasn’t any additional detail to that promo, but when I tried checking out even with a very small order, the free shipping worked. But it is weird, though, that Kamagraus.com offers free shipping to even the least of orders (less than $10); I mean how was the site going to compensate for the shipping loss at that amount?

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