Review – Considerable Online Pharmacy from New Zealand Design Design is an online branch of a large New Zealand-based pharmacy which has been in operation for 40 years. Being a pharmacy in New Zealand requires various accreditations from pharmaceutical societies like the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand and the Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand. is a proud member of these pharmaceutical societies. What caught my attention regarding this site is its link to Facebook, for sites seldom link their sites to any social media platform (the scam ones anyway).

With regards to the products has available, it has both brand-name and generic-made drugs which were all made by FDA-approved manufacturers. The meds are shipped out from’s facility, but in case the meds will not originate from the New Zealand pharmacy, the information will be indicated on the product information page. For instance, meds unavailable to ship from NZ, but shipped out from the UK (brand-name) and India (generic).

The Rx medications available on Kiwidrug require clients to submit the prescriptions to order, but Kiwidrug has an “online doctor” function. Clients can order Rx meds from the pharmacy without actually having prescriptions because the doctors on the “online doctor” service will write them prescriptions, and for no added cost.

As for ED medication, clients can find the commonly vended, brand-name ones here at Kiwidrug, like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. But aside from these brand-name medications, also sells the meds’ generic analogs. Prices are reasonable; Viagra (Pfizer) is sold at $65.98 for 4 pills of the 100 mg type. Unlike the other drugstores, only sells Viagra pills by 4s, and not by a minimum of 10-30 pills like the other online stores. Cialis (Lilly) is sold at $73.31 for 4 pills (10 mg). As for Levitra (Bayer), has it for $73.31 too for 4 pills.

Kiwidrug is able to cater to International clients but is not currently available to ship to some parts of Asia, South America, Middle East, Pakistan, and India. Shipping fee is waived for orders $100 and up but costs $7.16 for regular shipping without tracking ability or $14.32 for those who are willing for a shipping upgrade (+tracking ability). Orders are dispatched within 24-72 hours, and clients will receive notification for every step of the order process. In case clients are unable to receive their orders within a span of 30 days, clients are eligible for reshipment of the undelivered orders (15 days after). Refunds aren’t discussed, as well as the other delivery problems.

Payment accepted by is via major credit cards. Should there be any inquiry regarding the order process, is able to answer when contacted using the contact form found on the page. Clients may also call these numbers: 1 (888) 380-3779 (International Toll-free Customer Care), and 1 (888) 600-7572 (International Toll-free Fax). Reviews

There were a lot of reviews for from, which is a reputable review site. Client reviews for were from verified orders, so there’s no problem authenticating these client reviews.

Eric Griggs (posted April 24, 2015) rated Kiwidrug 5/5 for being reliable and dependable. According to him, has good pricing, quality products, and fast shipping. Reviews Reviews

Jenny Crites, another client (posted April 24, 2015) rated Kiwidrug 3/5. She said that the site had good service, but shipping her items took “too long”.

RA rated Kiwidrug 4/5 and told in his review that the pharmacy had a helpful and very reliable customer service.

Despite the positive reviews for the shop, the store still had negative reviews from the consumers. Buyers still complained about getting delays from the shop and for some buyers like Jenny, the long delivery time wasn’t what she expected from Kiwi Drug.

Kiwidrug Reviews 2017

2017 reviews for Kiwidrug were good, as reviews for this site still are positive recollections of the site’s service. I was fearful that might be inconsistent with the other sites, having good reviews from the previous years and failing in people’s opinions in the current year. Indeed, the shop had good comments, but consumers were not 100% satisfied with the shop’s performance.

Del Hill (October 9, 2016) said that Kiwidrug’s support was easy to deal with. The issues that the client had with the site was its expensive pricing on some products, and sometimes, according to the client, delivery takes longer than other sites, especially for those items from India. Still, was given a 4/5 rating. Reviews 2017 Reviews 2017

Christopher Bayer (October 12, 2016) said in his review that he didn’t have any problems with his orders at all, but he did have some concerns for the site. According to him, his orders came but took almost 3 months to get, and that there are some products in Kiwidrug which are not actually the cheapest in the market.

Although Kiwi Drug was not a scam site according to customer reviews, most buyers had their concerns on this shop’s prices being too expensive for their taste. One of the buy factors for clients is the good price, so Kiwi Drug having expensive products concerns me. Coupon Codes

There are currently no coupon codes available for clients, but from time-to-time, is giving away discount codes on their Facebook page ( Although it’s not actually a discount, Kiwidrug also renders the shipping cost free for orders $100 and up.

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