Review – Too Expensive for Buying ED Drugs Main Page Main Page seems to be a quite experienced drug store that has been working online since the year 2001. The company claims that it has served up to 250,000 customers till now. The medicines available at Kwik Med are manufactured by some reputable pharmaceutical companies that enjoy a license from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The company says that it keeps a check on every single tablet so that the customers are able to buy drugs of fine quality. All the drugs available here are produced in the United States and are branded as well as equally authentic. The store is sent to be compliant with HIPAA and ensures that the privacy and the confidentiality of every customer are maintained at their store. The database of this company is not accessible to any third party and all the information within is 100 percent secure. The medicines were found to be extremely expensive with a single tablet of 100 mg Viagra being sold at 39.30 US Dollars, a price that no one can afford easily.

The accepted method of payment at KwikMed is payment by a credit card and the credit cards approved at this company include MasterCard and Visa only. For contacting the company, two phone numbers has been provided. The customers can call at (877) 594-5633 or send a text message to (480) 418-8957 in order to get a response from the company. The shipping companies used for delivering medicines include FedEx and USPS. The average price for using USPS Priority Mail is 22 US Dollars and the service requires 3 to 5 days for delivering. FedEx Express Saver charges 25 US Dollars but delivers only within 2 to 3 days. USPS Express Mail takes $28 for delivering the parcel in 1 to 2 business days, and lastly, FedEx Next Day can be used to receive the medicines the very next day. A live chat is also available during certain hours which I tested and found to be quite effective and informative. Live Chat Live Chat Reviews has a review present on a third party website which is quite opposite to what the store claims. Feedback Feedback

The review has been made by a customer named Taylour who has given the store a rating of 1.75. The customer said that she tried to order emergency contraceptives from this store and confirmed the order after going through the necessary steps and even got a “confirmation number”. She said that she received an email saying that the company wanted to talk to her on phone. The client was annoyed at the “slow shipping” as she said that it was an emergency situation and the company should have told her about the delay beforehand. She also said that the customer service was “rude” and there was a general “lack of communication”.

The review has been retrieved from a third party website, indicating that it is 100 percent real and has not been forged at all. The customer seems to be utterly disappointed in Kwik Med and this review has started giving me a feeling that this store is not going to be a good one. Reviews 2016 has no reviews in the year 2016, so Scamadviser was the only way to check the status of the company. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Scamadviser has said that KwikMed is controversial for its location. It says that it is located in the United States but in actual the store is linked to Canada. The store has been given a really low rating by Scamadviser that has placed it in a red zone. Safety Information Safety Information

Scamner has given Kwik Med 10 percent rating with an advice that it should not be used without getting further confirmation first. Coupon Codes is quite expensive so, I was hoping that the company offers good discounts in order to provide a compensation for the high prices, but I was wrong. Free Pills Offer Free Pills Offer

The only discount they offer is a free pill splitter with every ED medication that is almost useless for most of the customers that place their orders on KwikMed.

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