Review – E-Pharmacy Selling Dangerous Substances! Main Main has striken me upon visiting the home page with an offer of dangerous prescription-only substances, like Valium. Buying meds online can be considered a liberating option for those who feel constrained by high prices and limited options at home. Since it’s a well-known fact that the prices of ED meds are pretty high, it’s very hard to afford them on regular basis. Kwikmed is one of the online pharmacies I recently reviewed and I am sharing the results of my research.

I had a look at the ‘About Us’ page of to know more about its background. However, I couldn’t learn anything except that has been in business for 13 years and started its operation in 2003. From the URL, seems to be operating out of India. Meds are available here in the following main categories: Panic Disorder, Antibiotic, Migraine, Weight Control, Blood Pressure, Anti Depressant, Pain Treatment, Sleeping Disorder, Man’s Health, and Anxiety. Nothing is mentioned regarding FDA approval but I guess since the meds available here are brand meds, they are FDA approved.

Since my main concern has been finding affordable ED meds, so I began browsing the Men’s Health Category and could see that there are just four meds here: Levitra, Viagra, Proscar, Vidalista and Tadalafil. However, the inside pages revealed that there are only two meds here i.e., Levitra and Viagra, and the other two products are out of stock. Thus, the initial impression was kind of misleading. I am still listing the prices and details of these meds to give you an idea:

10 pills of 100mg of Brand Viagra (Pfizer) would cost you $322.65.

4 pills of 20 mg of Brand Levitra (Bayer) would cost you $89.78.

The only way to pay for the products is through credit cards, doesn’t specify, though, which credit cards are acceptable. ships to UK, EU, USA and Australia from its warehouses in London or pharmacies in Europe. The delivery time varies between countries. For instance, an order would be delivered within the UK in 3-5 normal business days through Royal mail (Express shipping would cost £42.08). However, delivery to the EU countries is done through Royal mail (and the cost for Express EU is €37.13), delivery to the US and Australia may take up to 15 business days but I wasn’t able to determine the rates and the shipping options. Besides these, also ships to countries like India, China, Japan, and New Zealand. One unique point that KwikMed has is that unlike other pharmacies, the ordered meds are accompanied with an EU certified doctor’s prescription so that the customs of the destination country will allow it to pass through.

The communication process and quick assistance are two things I consider absolutely the hallmark of great customer services. However, at, the ways of communication are very limited. There are no phone numbers or Live Chat option here. If you have a query, send an email through the form given on the site. I heard back from the customer care support department within two hours of sending an email. lists very explicitly in its Terms and Conditions page that it offers no refunds due to its previous negative experience with dishonest clients, and all purchases here are final. Reviews

Honest customer reviews help a prospective customer to facilitate a purchase decision, but I couldn’t find any customer reviews even on the Kwikmed shop’s own site. Likewise, I couldn’t find any reviews related to the vendor on forums and e-opinion/review sites. However, scam analyzing sites such as legit Script and Scam Advisor have some insights to share. Here is what I could find out:

Kwikmed Reviews 2016

Reputation Analysis of Kwikmed by Legitscript
Reputation Analysis of Kwikmed by Legitscript

Legit Script doesn’t find in compliance with specifications laid down by Legit Script and so it considers it a rogue e-pharmacy. The next verdict I found was from Scam Advisor:

Scamadviser Reports on Kwikmed
Scamadviser Reports on Kwikmed

Scam Advisor determines that is apparently from India; however, it can be from Cyprus as well. Since there aren’t many visitors to, there aren’t many buyers, and so it has low safety score. has been redesigned and you can revert to the old site through a link given on the top. The online pharmacy in question,, is probably the second copy of, which used to be a legitimate site but then began having mix reviews and became no longer accessible.

Kwik Med Coupon Codes

Free Airmail Delivery on Kwik Med
Free Airmail Delivery on Kwik Med

I couldn’t find any discount coupons or scheme being offered by, so the prices are pretty much what you would normally find at other sources. However, there is one offer that you would discover at the time of order placement i.e., in the shopping cart, which is strange. I discovered that I am eligible for free shipping irrespective of my location but I can also opt for Express shipping as well if I want.

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