Review – A Trap for Customers which Has Been Closed Down Main Page Main Page seemed to be an online platform that served as a broker for different pharmaceutical companies and connected the interested clients with the best-suited pharmacies in order to fulfill their drug needs. The platform is no longer available for access to the customers and no one knows why it was shut down. LifeStyleDrugStore used to have a huge collection of medications that it used to offer including those for cholesterol, anxiety, men’s sexual health, blood pressure, women’s sexual health and many other health issues. The web store had made claims regarding the quality of the medications it served to the customers in addition to other services. It had also mentioned that the store strictly complied with the rules and regulations set by the FDA which acted as the biggest proof that the medications it provided were safe. All the orders that were placed with the drug store had to be approved by the online team of doctors before they were dispatched to their respective destinations as said by LifeStyle Drug Store. used to provide a systemic approach to the customers so that they were able to place the orders successfully and the delivery was made promptly. The store used to provide shipping service to different countries of the world including the United Kingdom, Australia, France and the United States of America via Standard International Airmail. It had been mentioned on the official website of LifeStyle-DrugStore that the orders needed at least 2 weeks to reach their destinations. Payments were accepted online and were completely safe and ensured the clients the peace of mind. The customers used to receive an email for confirmation in addition to a code for tracking their order. The store was said to be easily available for contact as it had provided different contact numbers. The customers also had a facility to make free calls on Skype in addition to contacting via live chat. Reviews did not have any customer reviews. This was quite strange for me as the website claimed to be working for some time now and had even claimed to be a popular one. For a drug store that had been operating for long, a complete absence of reviews can only mean one thing- the company is a scam. Customer reviews are a sure way of differentiating a real, working drug store from a fake one. It seemed to me that all the claims made by LifeStyle-DrugStore were just a bunch of lies. Pharmacies that do not have user feedbacks are advised to be avoided as there is no guarantee of them being authentic. Therefore, I can assume that LifeStyle-DrugStore was a fake website that was just operating to snatch money from the customers. Reviews 2016

I was unable to find any reviews for the year 2016 also. No reviews were to be found on either review sites or the website itself, so I had to check the trust score via Scamadviser. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Scamadviser gave 48% trust score to this website and said that the store is not recommended for buying or doing any kind of financial transactions. Moreover, the real location of the website is being hidden, but the website shows people that it is being run from Netherlands. As the popularity of this store is unknown, Scamadviser advises people to be cautious when dealing with people from this website and to share personal information as minimum as possible. Safety Level Safety Level

Scamner gave 0% trust score to this drugstore and reported that the website is not reliable as it has no records of trust or SSL certificates. Scamner details that this website is being hosted from the location where scammers usually keep their servers. Coupon Codes

Lifestyle-drugstore is also devoid of the discount sections and no discount coupons were being offered to its customers. This fact was clearly putting a damper on the high hopes of a customer who were in the search of a pharmacy that could be light on the pocket and might help save a few bucks. People would definitely prefer pharmacies that would offer fancy discounts. The company should have done something, when it had the chance, to promote the customer flow by increasing discounts. It is quite often observed that a good discount is able to mask the rest of the flaws of a website and in turn, would have helped this store from being shut down.

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