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The website that I am going to review is comparatively new and in this business for barely a year. But, I must say that the website is quite well-organized and decent one that can attract customers with its look. However, the design of the website is not the thing that matters. The thing that matters is the high-quality meds, good services and the affordable rates. is on the list of my pharmacies to be reviewed by me. This website is Panama-based. According to Scam advisor, this website is comparatively new. However, the company deals with the meds specifically for men’s health, ADHD, anti-anxiety, muscle relaxants, pain reliefs, sleeping aids and weight loss. The company claims that they offer only FDA approved meds that can meet the quality standards. And the prices for their meds that I found were quite high, as Viagra 100 mg pill was priced at $3.43, while Cialis was priced at #3.71 and Levitra was available at $4.65 per pill. Besides this, offers worldwide shipping via express shipping option for the locations like USA, Europe etc. within the delivery period of 14 to 21 days. The standard shipping cost for all the deliveries cost $30.

Since there is no information provided by the company for the payment methods so, I made the call on their number 1-415-621-9052 to get some info about that, but only one message was constantly being circulated that the customer services representatives might be busy with other customers, and I need to leave a message. However, you can also send an email to their address that is [email protected] to reach them.

The refund over the meds is only offered by the company if the package is damaged during shipping. But, there is no refund policy for any other case.

Lifestyle Pharmacy Reviews:

Unfortunately, there are no reviews found from the customers on the independent reviewing websites for this pharmacy. This is either because of the fact that the company is new in this business or because of the thing that this company is a scam and no one wants to risk his life and health by trusting such a fake company.

But, there are several customers that have used this company and reviewed the website in the testimonial section of the vendor’s site itself. I am going to share few of these reviews with you.

According to the customer of named Alex, “Just received my order today. Fast and discrete as always. Thanks guys.” Another customer named Juliet used the services of this company to order her meds and she was also very satisfied with their services that reflected in her review. According to her, “Before I discovered your online pharmacy I was paying big amounts for medicines. Since you have been in my life I have saved so much money on my medications.”

Not only this, another customer named Johnathan commented as, “I have been a regular customer for a while now and you have never once disappointed me. Thanks for being brilliant.”

Lifestyle Pharmacy Reviews
Lifestyle Pharmacy Reviews

Well, as these reviews are found on the website of, so, it is quite harder to say either these reviews are authentic or not. I have been reviewing sites and number of pharmacies post modified or paid review content in the form of reviews to build their reputation. So, I am completely reluctant to believe such reviews that are not based on reality. Moreover, it is mentioned in a review that this company offers meds at good rates, that I totally oppose because of the fact that prices of this company are quite high.

Lifestyle-Pharmacy Reviews 2016:

More to the reputation of, I found another review from a customer named Alison on the vendor’s testimonial section itself. “I have been ordering from you now for some time and I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that you guys are truly the best Online Pharmacy in the world. Thanks for being in my life.”

Lifestyle-Pharmacy Reviews 2016
Lifestyle-Pharmacy Reviews 2016

Well as I mentioned above, it is not safe to trust the reviews found on the vendor’s website because they often try to deceive their customers by using fake reviews. So, the report of Scam advisor always offers the real picture of the company. According to the recent report of Scamadvisor for, that was updated on 11th of September, 2016, “ is a new website without any feedback.” Moreover, the company is Panama based, but it also appears that it is originated in Afghanistan. Besides this, Scamadvisor also report this company to be only 33 percent safe that is not enough for the buyers and customers to share their financial details.

Safety Report of Lifestyle-Pharmacy by Scamadviser
Safety Report of Lifestyle-Pharmacy by Scamadviser

So, I am totally against using this site, and there could be a list of threats waiting to attack. So, it is wiser to avoid this website. Coupon Codes:

There are no coupon codes or discounts found to be available by Discounts and sales are always a way for the customers to save their money for a longer run. So, they constantly look for such offers by their websites so that they can save their hard earned money for some other purpose. But unfortunately, is not offering any such kind of the offer for its customers. This means the customers have to buy their meds at the retailer price along with the shipping cost added. This could not be affordable for most of the people, so they can look for the pharmacies that are offering big discounts over their meds.

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