Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie Review – Consultation Site for Irish Clients

Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie Main
Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie Main

Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie is actually unique as it is not an online pharmacy but is a purely online consultation service for clients who would like to get prescriptions in the comfort of their own homes. This service may only be availed of Ireland residents alone. The team of doctors employed by the site is licensed to practice in Ireland and in the UK, and the doctors are based in Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie’s office in the UK.

The main purpose of Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie, as mentioned earlier, is to provide an online consultation service for their clients who are unable to leave their homes or those who prefer online consultations for their medical conditions. Clients are to select their preferred treatments and have the online doctors write them prescriptions for their medical concerns.

There are no actual products on Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie as it only offers its clients consultations from its team of doctors. The doctors who are employed by Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie are all with a license from the Medical Council of Ireland and it is under the regulation of the Care Quality Commission in the UK and Northern Ireland. Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie offers consultations for a number of medical treatments like Asthma, Malaria, Contraception, Smoking Cessation, and Men and Women’s health.

Since there were no actual products on the site, I was only able to view the cost of the consultations for the medical treatments on the site. I have discovered that Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie charges $27 for the prescriptions for ED meds and basically for all treatment consultations available on the site. Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie is unable to list products on its site as it is illegal in Ireland to dispense mail-order prescriptions. Instead, the site offers this consultation service for clients to be able to have written prescriptions to show to the pharmacies in their area.

Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie’s doctors may refuse to write their patients prescriptions and in those cases, the clients are entitled to refunds from the site.To contact Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie for any concern, clients may use the allotted contact form on the site or call 01 4311451.

Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie Reviews:

The site’s service is unusual as most of the online doctor services I know are just additional services of online pharmacies. Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie, on the other hand, is a standalone service and is autonomous from any online or physical pharmacy, although it may be related to the network of Lloyd’s Pharmacies in the UK.

It is a curious thing, though, this service, so I would’ve liked to see client reviews for the site regarding its service. Unfortunately, there were no available client reviews for this peculiar service from clients who were able to try out being written a prescription by Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie’s doctors.

Lloydsonlinedoctor Reviews 2016:

Lloydsonlinedoctor Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Lloydsonlinedoctor Trust Rating by Scamadviser

No client reviews for 2016 were also found for Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie, so I tried checking it with Scamadviser.com for its status regarding security and other details. I was amused that Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie was rated 98% safe and was honored a high Trust Rating by Scamadviser.com. Well, it is a good thing that this site is rated positively by Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie as clients are uploading their personal information as they undergo medical assessments for prescriptions on this site.

Lloyds Online Doctor Coupon Codes:

Being a purely online consultation service and having only a single price on its consultations services, Lloydsonlinedoctor.ie did not have coupon or discount codes for its clients to use. I don’t think that there’s something to give a discount on.

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