Review – The Site Can Be Trusted but With Extra Care Design Design is an online pharmacy from Canada, which should be safe, easy and affordable if one is ordering from Canada. I notice that I can save up to 70% on this site since it has no hidden fees. The company also negotiates with licensed Canadian pharmacies to fill prescriptions. As they strive to provide drugs at discount prices, they focus on customers with inadequate prescription coverage. They work with licensed Canadian physicians to reviews prescriptions and approve American prescriptions too.

Maple Leaf Meds is licensed and has a certified seal from The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). The company give the interested party access to Canadian and international prescriptions drugs at reduced prices and work hand in hand with affiliated Canadian and international pharmacies who fill and ship them. They claim to have the fastest available shipping method. Their main assortment includes prescription drugs, Pet medication, and refiling of orders.

Generic Viagra is available on this site and it costs as low as $ 0.81 per pill. Generic Levitra and generic Cialis costs $0.83 and $0.89 per pill respectively. They sell Stendra but as a brand drug which costs an average of $13.44 per pill. These products can only be ordered with a prescription. To finalize the order, payment can be made by E-checks, Personal Checks, bank certified checks and International money orders; they also accept American Express.

The medication can be shipped to the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. Generally, an order has an average delivery time of 2-4 weeks. The cost of shipping and handling will be provided separately on Maple Leaf Meds’ invoice (s). The shipping cost in the US via USPS is $9.95.

A typical shopping cart on
A typical shopping cart on

The online store complies with B.C. College of Pharmacists Bylaw which gives the power not to accept returns on prescription items. In the case of a damaged package, they have given out their number (1-800-998-4016) for the consumer to immediately call them. Generally, they are unable to return or refund medications once they have been shipped. They also have a US fax toll free number, 1-866-868-2303. They have a customer care form and mail system. I learn that their Call Center is CLOSED.

Mapleleafmeds Reviews:

On the homepage of I was capable of noticing reviews which emerge and disappear from time to time. The reviews are from three customers.

The first review appears to be from a customer known as Charles G. He said, “The BuySafe Guarantee is great addition to the buying experience. Thank you for the peace of mind.” Peter H had this to say, “I cannot afford my medicine in the US. I appreciate being able to get the medicine I need at great prices.” Don D had the following in his mind, “Thank you. It is a pleasure buying my meds from Maple Leaf Meds. The BuySAFE policy is butter on the bread. I’m a very satisfied customer.”

I have learned from the reviews that customers are mostly impressed by the BuySAFE Guarantee policy. Medication on this site is available and the buying process is an easy experience. However, I usually do not recommend online stores that have reviews on the original site only – they sound suspicious and might be fake. The seller has a total control over the content of the site.

Mapleleafmeds Reviews
Mapleleafmeds Reviews

Maple Leaf Meds Reviews 2016:

As usual, I intend to use to help me determine whether a site is legit. The message on the website alerts me that has been threat listed. The site has an above average trust rating meaning that there is a 50-50 chance that the site has a risk. It is important to also note that the location of the site owner is hidden; the website appears to be located in Canada. Definitely, the site information did somehow match with my expectations.

There is a malware report showing that the site had registered suspicious activity on the site. The reason why the site was threat listed may be because it is an unapproved online Pharmacy. Apart from Canada, the site is also associated with the United States. As an eCommerce site, I would recommend that ED users should confirm the business address of the owner before making any purchase or sharing information. Since I do not want to deal with virus and malware issues, I plan to be vigilant when using the site.

Safety Report of Maple Leaf Meds by Scamadviser
Safety Report of Maple Leaf Meds by Scamadviser Coupon Codes:

The website has been praised for the BuySAFE Guarantee policy but this is not enough to convince visitors to become prospective buyers. I have noticed that one can save between 30-70% off the local pharmacy prices by ordering medications from Maple Leaf Meds Online Pharmacy. I am also told that if I recommend a friend to this website we will have the privilege of free shipping on my next orders. They only need the name and email address of the person.

Discount Offer by
Discount Offer by

I can also save up to 90% by ordering Canadian medications at Maple Leaf Meds. The amount one can save is listed alongside the drug. I was not able to find any Coupon Codes that I could use to increase my chances of saving more than the ones present on the website.

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