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First Page of is one of the instances that I am actually impressed by a site’s graphics. Massroids had its graphics sync with what it is trying to sell; the ambience is very masculine and dark, and very appropriate for it being a steroid-vending site.

According to info, this store is selling only genuine/licensed steroids. It also offers “discreet shipping”, along with the guarantee of receiving the order. It is also an official supplier of a number of steroid manufacturers like Geneza Pharmaceuticals, Balkan pharmaceuticals, and Sciroxx; the site has links to these sites for verification. But as to when this store started operating and where it is located, I’m afraid that this site is cliché; it doesn’t disclose any of that information for client reference. Even its copyright below isn’t dated.

Aside from vending all kinds of steroids the body-building population could imagine, also sells a few other medications not intended for body-building. For instance, this store also has weight loss medications, general health medications (intended for acne and the like), and men’s sexual health medications (like the erectile dysfunction meds). I have not seen anything referring to being approved by the FDA or any food/drug regulating body for this site’s products, but there was repeated mentioning of the steroids being genuine. As for the non-steroid products like the men’s health medications, weight loss, and the like, there were also no indications that they were approved by the FDA for safe use. I am not familiar with the drugs’ manufacturer, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, but, I have discovered that Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a company approved by the Moldovan FDA, and its approval certificates can be found here:

As with prescriptions, Massroids shop does not ask for any prescription from clients for any of the drugs it sells. I am a bit double-minded in this regard; I see that it’s convenient for most clients to not secure the proper Rx for their orders, but I also think that buying here to self-medicate is harmful in the long run. Anyway, it’s up to the clients to decide what they think is best for them.

Since the FDA approval for the ED meds is out of the question, I browsed the ED products for further information. The site has quite a number of them, though; there are actually a number of products to choose from. Aside from the Balkan-manufactured ED meds, there were also the Indian generics, Dragon pharma-manufactured ones, Ajanta Pharma meds, and of course, the brand-name manufactured ones from Pfizer (Turkey), Bayer, and Eli Lilly.

Due to the number of the meds (which got me excited), I only scanned a few which were the favorites when it comes to ED. Bayer’s Levitra here is at $89/4 tablets; Cialis by Eli Lilly is priced similarly at $89/4 too. However, I was unable to see Pfizer’s Viagra here. There were a few substitutes for it, though; for example, Sildenaxyl from Balkan ($30/20 tablets). Clients like me can pay for these meds using Bitcoin; as for the other options, I am left in the dark. The shipping fee is a flat $30; the site mentions being able to send tracking numbers, so I think the courier is EMS. Delivery time is 5-12 days; which is rather fast. Regarding the returns or product non-deliveries, the site has no information. I did not like the fact that the site does not say anything regarding this on the site.

As for contact details, there were none also. But the vendor can be messaged using the form provided within the website. It also has no Live chat for clients, so urgent questions have to wait. I have not yet discovered the e-mail response time, but I will just continue to wait for the site’s answer to my queries. I find it odd, though, that a store does not divulge details which are essential for clients to know; that makes me wonder about authenticity and credibility.

Mass Roids Reviews:

Mass Roids Reviews
Mass Roids Reviews

There were a number of 5-star reviews for from its clients. All the aspects of the site were rated excellently by whoever posted the review for this site. As encouraging as this may seem, these reviews were only found on the site and may just be fabricated by the site owners/operators. There weren’t any client reviews from outside the site, and these on-site ratings, for me, are not enough parameters to consider when evaluating a site.

Massroids Reviews 2016:

Massroids Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Massroids Trust Rating by Scamadviser

The reviews for the current year were also not present for The only thing I got close to a review is this analysis by Scam Adviser, which gave a 3% rating for the site. This means that the site is not “safe” but is rather “high risk”, due to it having several reports of malware occurrences related to it. The site is just too high-risk to try. Coupon Codes:

Discount Offer by
Discount Offer by

There were a few discount offers from, but I have noticed that most of them were obsolete! There was this 4th of July discount and a 10% Christmas sale, but all of them were just remnants of the previous sales this site had; the site only forgot to clean-up the board. The “buy 10 get 1 free” is as obsolete as the 4th of July and Christmas sales—this promotional offer did end around August 2015. Autumn sale event already ended too, as well as the “special offers”. These were all promotional offers for the previous year, and none for 2016. There was, however, a free shipping ad; but it requires a $600 to be granted the free shipping for the products.

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