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Upon opening, I can already see that this website looks quite reassuring. But as looks can be deceiving, I will review as much as I can to discover whether or not this site can be trusted.

I’ve been unable to retrieve any info on how long this company has been operating, but a WhoIs Lookup tells me that the website was created in 2013. As well as this, the website is based in California, US – so far so good.

The main assortment featured on appears to be good. A 4 tablet box of 20mg tadalafil costs $8.90. Whilst tadalafil is an ED drug I’m not so familiar with I would suggest that is probably a fair price. There seems to be a good write up of how to consume the product too, which is reassuring.

For a company that seems to have everything covered, there is no mention of whether or not the products are approved by the FDA. However it is worth mentioning that from what I can see, all products sold on are branded, and therefore it is possible that as a company they expect their customers to know their brands and whether they are FDA approved already.

I’ve been unable to find any solid information on payment methods, however the homepage clearly states that you can easily pay by card or wire transfer – which also happen to be the easiest methods to scam someone.

Med-Cab claims that all orders are shipped via Air Mail at the cost of $10.00. However they don’t provide a time estimate of when that order will arrive – something you would expect any reputable company be able to let you know.

It is clearly stated on the homepage of this website that a 30-day refund policy is in place, if the products do not meet my expectations. Whilst a 30-day refund policy might sound good, the typical policy you would find in a market such as this is generally 2 weeks. They could just be a generous company, or perhaps the policy doesn’t exist.

The only two forms of contact are via email, or by using the contact form on their website. Again, I would expect a reputable company to offer better than this in the form of a phone number to call, or a live chat service. I’m now beginning to think that this website could be a scam.

Med Cab Reviews:

Unfortunately, I have been unable to source any reviews for this company, having looked on both their website, and also independent reviewer website – at this point I would advise against purchasing from this company. Not one single review existing seems very odd to me, especially since the website has existed since 2013. If this company is trading and customers are happy with their products, you would expect at least one person to vouch for them, which they haven’t. Reviews 2016:

Reputation analysis of by LegitScript
Reputation analysis of by LegitScript
Scamadviser Report on
Scamadviser Report on

As I have been unable to source no reviews for whatsoever, needless to say there are no recent reviews for me to discuss. I have however conducted a search on Scam Adviser to see if there is any interesting information there regarding the website. Scam Adviser claims that the website is indeed risky, with a 50% risk rating – it also informs me that the website has been listed as a rogue pharmaceutical company, which pretty much solidifies that we’re dealing with a scam here.

Med-Cab Coupon Codes:

Discount Offer by Med-Cab
Discount Offer by Med-Cab

The only coupon code on offer is a $2.00 discount for returning customers, which seems to be a generous offer, although it is more likely a ploy to fish customers into purchasing with the company once and not receiving any products, in which case it wouldn’t matter about the following $2.00 discount, as the customer would obviously not purchase from Med-Cab again.

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