Review – Inaccessible Online Pharmacy Main Page Main Page, titled as Canadian Pharmacy Shop, is an online store whose makers have an experience of more than seven years in the field of online selling medications. They ship all of their medications from India relating the fact that all the medications are Indian FDA approved. They deal in many kinds of drugs relating to diseases like Alzheimer’s, asthma, hypertension and other drugs like birth control pills, antibiotics, and erectile dysfunction pills. Their specialty is in treating Erectile dysfunction, obviously as it is the only field where one can easily make much money. The prices are very attractive and I haven’t seen such low prices anywhere on the internet until now. A generic version of 25mg Viagra comes for $0.32.

Customers can easily pay their payments via their Visa and Master cards. They also accept AmEx and E-checks. Everything has been quite good until now when I was disappointed to see that the website has a limited customer support service. There is no toll-free number but a paid phone call can be made at the number, +1-800-4900-618. There is no live chat so the emailing the complaints is available.

The delivery can be made via two options. One is the airmail which can take up to 2-4 weeks for the package to reach and is obviously not traceable. It can cost up to $14.95. Another method is the Express delivery system that will take 3-8 days only, for the package to reach but is expensive, costing about $ 24.95. The high prices for delivery systems show that the cheap rates of the drugs have been compensated at this point. You will be pleased to hear that if the drugs have little or no effect on you can easily ask for a refund policy. You must ask for a refund within 30 days and the company will send you their refund address to maintain a user-friendly system. Reviews

Being a medical critic, I have to see the customer reviews very seriously and those who have been rigging them must be aware that my reviews don’t take such actions lightly. Let’s have a peek at the customer’s reviews for the website. Testimonial Testimonial

Wei Zhang a somewhat satisfied user reviewed on 14.08.2015 saying, “I have received my package. thank you. Will use my discount for further orders!”

Another buyer, Oliver Scott reported on 04.08.2015, saying, ” I have received my package and it is in fine condition. Thanks.”

Neill was also much satisfied and posted his comment on 22.07.2015 saying, “Hi I have received my package. Thank you!”

Tristan Coring, another happy and satisfied user said, “I have received my package today. Best regards.” This comment was posted on 21.07.2015.

All these comments seem to very satisfying and show that the users are very much satisfied with the company and are happily willing to use the website as their only pharmacy again but folks, let me tell you the truth that has been hidden from you, the innocent buyers. All of these comments are rigged and these comments have been just copied and pasted from other websites. The manufacturers have not only made a fraud in hacking the reviews of their privileged customers, they have also pirated the privacy of other websites from where the comments have been copied and pasted. I am strongly against such activity and I suggest you remain away from such fraudulent sites at any cost! Reviews 2017

Heartbroken from the reviews of the previous years, let’s have a look at how well have they been able to maintain their reputation in the year 2017. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Since the older reviews were found to be dishonest and copied from other websites, I decided to move to its review section for 2017. Well, I would have shared my views about it if it actually existed. Yes, you guessed it, there wasn’t even a single review given in the year 2017. Safety Level Safety Level

That pretty much adds up to the fact that the reviews in the previous sections were rigged. To double check my suspicion about this website, I searched for it at Low trust rating shining in a bright red label was all I got. gave it a clear zero percent rating on its website. At this point, I didn’t think that I needed anything more to account for its credibility. Coupon Codes

The discounts section had something to offer. On every order placed with, the customers are to receive 2 pills of Viagra or Cialis depending on their own choice for free. As far as the shipping rates are concerned, two types of discounts were present on the website. Free Pills Offer Free Pills Offer

On orders $200 or more worth of drugs, the shipping goes free and airmail delivery the parcel. If the ordered drugs exceed the amount of $300 or more, the shipment goes free but this time, it is delivered by express shipping that takes considerably fewer days to deliver the parcel to your doorstep. Free Shipping Offer Free Shipping Offer

The offers were not bad, but $200 worth of drugs being ordered from a totally new website just to get free shipment is a huge risk, at least for me. No one can be sure about the quality of the products being offered by any pharmacy online unless he tries for once.

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