Review – Rogue Pharmacy without any Contact Details Home Home is a Europe-based online store which was established in 1998 and sells only GMP/WHO certified products from trusted suppliers worldwide. has both brand and generic name drugs for its clients and has a number of medical conditions that it caters to.

There are a lot of medications that are offered by and the medical conditions that it has products for are mostly chronic diseases, pain, skin diseases, psychological illness, and sexual health concerns. Although a number of the products being sold by generally requires prescriptions, the site does not ask its patients to provide the proper Rx; but it does so under the assumption that clients are ordering from the site have their Rx’s with them. does not give any medical advice, so if it’s a client’s first time to order and needs more information on taking the drugs, it’s advised that the clients consult their doctors first before ordering.

It was mentioned on’s page that it sources only meds from drug-makers which follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and those accredited by the WHO too. There was no mention of the products being FDA-approved, but since the product manufacturers which sources from are all well renowned and reputable drug manufacturers, it can be said that all the products sold by are FDA-approved.

Since I was mainly concerned with the men’s health meds (erectile dysfunction meds in particular), I checked if their prices were reasonable or not. The prices, though not too cheap, were actually reasonable. For instance, Viagra (Pfizer) is sold at $94.90 for 4 pills of the 100 mg type, Cialis (Lilly) also has the same price for 4 of its 20 mg pills, and Levitra (Bayer) costs $99.37 for 4 tabs of the 20 mg type. The thing is, most of the ED meds of were not available. But the fact that it still lists them means that there’s a chance of the site being able to restock these products.

A flat rate fee of $18 is charged on all orders, but clients are sometimes given by the site Free shipping on special events. Transit times vary per destination; EU shipments usually take 2-8 days to arrive, while orders to be delivered in the US and other parts of the world takes anywhere between 7 to 21 days to arrive.

As for the payment options, the site remains discreet, but it states that it accepts Visa payment cards. According to the site, the clients will be contacted after they order for the payment options available, as they were unlisted on the site and during checkout.

Returns are not allowed by under any circumstance, but is able to replace damaged items and those orders which remain undelivered for more than 30 days. For other concerns, the site may be contacted through ticket system only. There is no email function, no phone numbers posted, and no physical address given by for its clients. says that due to security reasons, the company could no longer offer email support for its clients.

Medicasolution Reviews:

Medicasolution Reviews
Medicasolution Reviews

I have found user comments for Medicasolution from, which is a forum/review site. The clients Dan88 and Jackiem9767 conversed on how “unrealistically” high’s pricing is for its products, although both users did not specifically say which products were they pertaining to. These were comments made 5 years ago, and there were no follow-ups to these users’ comments. Reviews 2016:

There were no other client reviews available for aside from the available client comments which were dated a few years back. There were no current client experiences shared on various sites, which made it hard to tell what kind of service is able to give its clients now.

Reputation Analysis of by Legitscript
Reputation Analysis of by Legitscript

I was able, however, to take a look at the rating for Medicasolution given by It was not good, as was labeled “Rogue” for being unable to meet the standards set by the analyzing site.

Medica Solution Coupon Codes:

I was able to see a “spring sale” promo with an “up to 25% off” label on the site but when I visited the link, I was just directed to an error page. did not have any discount offer for its clients, or free shipping and freebies for a certain amount of purchase.

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