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Home Page of is a licensed online drug store that sells FDA-approved and domestically manufactured genuine ED drugs, hormone-based contraceptives, at a lower cost when without compromising on the sensitive medical issues.

The store is located in Utah and has been operating since 2001 and has served numerous customers on different occasions. But I am not sure about all this as it can turn out to be a lie. I invite you to take the virtual journey to establish all this.

Based on what I see, the store solely deals with ED drugs and I stand to be corrected about that. Most of the Drugs on this store are over the counter medicine, and are only shipped when I order; unlike the other sites, does not require a prescription to deliver the drugs.

The site is one of the most expensive I have seen in the recent past. My all time favorite Viagra is vending at $224.00 for 3 (100mg) pills. While Cialis will cost you an arm and a leg, 3 (100mg) tablets are selling at a whopping $240.00! Many people me included may say that this is way too expensive, but my friend Jeff can attest to what fake Chinese herbs did to his “bishop.” It’s better to buy quality over quantity as long as the price resonates with the quality. On top of that, it is one of the few sites that are fully compliant with the legislation that requires a face to face meeting or video conferencing during prescription.It allows a better interaction between doctor and patient when the patient is being prescribed medications on the internet. What other better way to avoid misdiagnosis?

Moving on swiftly, the shipping method and cost is not as explicit as I would have wanted it to be. But I have the option of choosing FedEx where my order is delivered the next Business day or Express Saver which takes 3 business days. I cannot verify the shipping cost unless I take the long journey of creating an account on the site. As a person who is very considerate about my private information, so far I am not convinced enough to warrant me sharing information with the site. But they will accept FSA and HSA cards as forms of payments, Visa Cards, and Mastercards.They will not accept insurance as o form of payment.

According to their refund policy, prescription medication may not be returned once it is sent from the pharmacy. This is in line with the FDA regulations they say. This is the biggest hiccup so far from the site and this prompts me to engage the customer service. The shipping cost is an issue to me, and the refund policy seems not to be registering on my radar. however explicitly stated on the site is, they can address my concerns in case of incorrect dispatch.The client care number is what I use as it seems the most convenient. The phone was disconnected, and I don’t have a clear picture on these issues.

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There are no local customer reviews to benchmark or act as a point of reference for me to persuade me to order from the store. I mean with all those years in operation, how comes there are no testimonials from their clients? Could this turn out to be another average affiliate marketer? Time will tell. I just might decide to choose another trusted pharmacy with confirmed legitimacy as per buyer reviews.

I sought clarity from independent reviews site and found one from JK who seems to be satisfied for the 2 years he has dealt with the store.

One positive review from an independent site seems convincing enough.

Medicines Fast Reviews
Medicines Fast Reviews

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However, does not feel the same. They don’t approve of the site and have clearly stated that the site does not meet Internet pharmacy verification standards. However of importance is to mention is the fact that the status of approval is pending.This is an indication that this the vetting process is still in transit.

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Reputation analysis of Medicinesfast by LegitScript further reinforces this perception by granting the site a low trusting rate and also think that this store may have ancestry in Canada.

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Many online drug stores run multiple offers to increase customers traffic, but has none of that. They probably have some other ways of reimbursing their customers to entice them to purchase again.

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