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Front Page of is a redirect affiliate of, an online pharmacy licensed to dispense FDA-recommended and authentic medication such as the well-known Men’s Health meds (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Propecia) and several others, for instance, hormone-based contraceptives. Clients here can order without prescription, because the site employs online physicians who can be consulted through video or phone, to be able to get prescribed a certain medication. This shop has been in the clients’ service for more than 15 years and still continues to serve them until the present year.

Since only sells brand-name medications, we can all expect the products here to be expensive, nonetheless surely approved by the US FDA. Well, the downside to this is that this site sells the meds at a way-expensive cost than the other sites that I have encountered. For instance, MedicinesFast shop sells the 100mg Viagra (Pfizer) for $224 for only three pieces of the pills. That equates to roughly $75 per pill. The lowest Medicines Fast store can go for the product is at about $59 each, but for 90 tablets of the drug ($5300). Availing the said “discounted” price can literally cost a fortune, and, may be, not worth buying. Cialis here is being sold at the same costly amount; $240 for just three pills—that’s $80 each! The pharmacy sells Cialis at about $64 (the lowest), and only for the purchase of 90 pills ($5735) or above. These medications here are so much expensive; I don’t know if these meds will really be worth the purchase. I know that Viagra or Cialis in local pharmacies cost lower than these. This site is just ripping people off with its outrageously high prices.

If ever clients are rich (or crazy) enough to purchase such overpriced meds, they can pay for the items using Visa and MasterCard, and also Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) cards. There are no added fees for the order processing or the online consultation; however, clients will be charged $90 if they decide to have another pharmacy fill in their prescriptions. As for the shipping cost and the delivery methods employed by, this information is undisclosed. I would have chatted with a representative, but the site did not have live chat support available. I have several concerns left unanswered, like the returns and the non-delivery cases, but to my dismay, the site only has email support, which I have to wait for about 24 hours for the reply.

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Medicines Faster Reviews
Medicines Faster Reviews

According to this single client review that I came across (from Jeff Knight, posted April 23, 2012), the client had been purchasing from MedicinesFast shop for about 2 years, and that the ship proved to be wonderful. The client stated that his orders were delivered on time, and the product prices of the vendor are “good”.

I am perplexed that MedicinesFast shop advertising 15 years of existence only has one review to show for it. I have searched the web and found just a single client review from this site and from 2012 alone. This is rather uncanny for a site claiming almost 2 decades of internet service for its clients. It just doesn’t add up. Reviews 2016: Scam Analysis by Scamadviser Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

I am wondering why this particular redirect affiliate site of almost two decades does not have any client review from 2016, or from any time period. I had to check it with Scam Adviser to get a decent analysis regarding status, and disappointingly, the analysis only yielded a 66% safe rating out of 100%, which was unexpected for the site. I actually am expecting a higher yield from Scam Adviser regarding this site’s status, because of puffed up information and credentials.

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Since this pharmacy has sky-high prices, I was expecting it to have discount offers or at least free shipping for its clients. But sadly, there’s none offered for clients to even lessen the exorbitant prices MedicinesFast shop has.

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