Review – An FDA Approved Pharmacy with Low Trust Rating Main Page Main Page was an online pharmacy duly registered with the International Pharmacy Association. The exact location of the head office was not reflected on its website. It sold different classes of medications such as pain relievers, antibiotics, antidepressants, drugs for allergy, skin care and eye care, etc. Its flagship brands are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

All the products offered by the pharmacy were produced from licensed pharmaceutical companies in the United States and India. The manufacturers strictly follow good manufacturing processes relevant to the standards set by the Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory bodies.

The prices offered by the drugstore were also very competitive. The amount per tablet decreases as the quantity per order increases. One tablet of the generic Sildenafil costs around $2.00 to $2.40 USD. During their operations, accepted payments through Visa, American Express, and eChecks. The shipping methods offered were Regular Airmail and Express Courier Delivery. The shipping fee varies depending on the quantity of the products ordered and could be viewed after selecting the order. offered shipping internationally to most countries in the world. Regular Airmail took 12-21 days and Express Courier delivery via USPS took 5-10 days. The drugstore offered free delivery insurance if the customer’s order reached $200 USD. Moreover, if the package cost was below $200 USD, the delivery insurance cost was $4.95 USD. offered returns and refund if the customer was unhappy with the product or if the package was not packaged. However, special considerations were not discussed about the criteria of the package eligible for refund properly.

The customer support service could be reached through e-mail or phone. No further details were disclosed regarding the operating hours of the pharmacy. Reviews

Three reviews were found on the drugstore’s website and most were good feedbacks about the company.

AJ Morrison, 28 years old from Los Angeles, said that the Viagra he purchased from Medicstar was his “little but powerful secret.” Before he used the product, he was having problems with his sexual life. After he tried Viagra, he gained a steady girlfriend and both of them were very happy with their sexual life.

Mary Weller, 29 years old from the United Kingdom, thinks that the Viagra from the drugstore “really helps people.” He grew up in a conservative university and was a bit hesitant about buying from an online store. Apparently, proved her wrong and she was very satisfied with the experience.

John Longman, 37 years old from Ontario, said that Viagra was “worth the money” he paid for. He discovered the drug about three years ago and it helped him to live a normal way of life. Feedback Feedback

All reviews found were all in favor of the drugstore. However, these reviews were found on the seller’s website and there is a big chance that these were not from real customers. Please be warned to do more research before buying from this website and search for more legitimate customer reviews. Reviews 2016

Recent customer reviews from last year were also retrieved from the seller’s website. Most of the customers purchased Viagra and Cialis from the online pharmacy. Feedback 2016 Feedback 2016

George Winterborne, 65 years old, and a librarian from New Zealand liked how offered a “high standard service”. He was very happy with the convenience of just going to the website, place the order, then receive the delivery two days after.

Mark Williams, 36 years old from New York, was also very satisfied with the convenience of just visiting the website instead of going to the nearest drugstore.

J. McMillan from Canada and William Googkind from Australia both purchased Cialis from J. McMillan thinks that buying from an online store is like “buying a pig in a poke”. However, with this drugstore, he was very sure of the quality and effectiveness. William Googkind was very thankful how Cialis worked wonders for him. He tried a lot of products but only Cialis proved to be effective for him.

In spite of having good reviews from these customers, please note that these were taken from the seller’s website and the authenticity of the reviews might not be 100% real. Trust Rating Trust Rating gave the pharmacy a very low trust rating. The site was listed as a rogue pharmacy and a malware has been reported. Hence, the pharmacy might have violated any regulation in relation to the selling or dispensing drugs online. Coupon Codes

I’ve searched for good deals and discounts from the online store. However, no special promotions were noted. Nevertheless, the price per tablet decreases as the quantity of order increases.

I suggest looking for a more trusted online pharmacy with good deals and special promotions.

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