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Home Page of is an online drug shop located in Pakistan. They boast of a successful legacy for being in business since 2005. prides in selling quality products, excellent customer care services, and low prices.

The scoop on indicates that they do sell FDA approved drugs, and they even advise their client to first contact the respective FDA’s in their countries before ordering from them. This is a nice gesture from the store. deals in a wide assortment of drugs like Painkillers, Oral Steroids, Powders and Chem, HG hormones and much more. Specifically of interest to me is the Men’s health section, where 4 Viagra Tablets are selling at $7 and the super sub to Viagra Cialis is sold at $5.50 for 2 pills. Wow, true to their word, MediPk is cheap compared to other stores that I prefer not to mention names. They a very lineup but one thing that is of concern to me is the fact that they don’t need a prescription for me to order. My stand on this is that no one should order prescription drugs online without the consent of a qualified medical doctor.

While ordering, I only have one payment method of payment, Western Union. claims that they don’t accept Credit Cards for it takes long to process. This makes me develop a strong doubt about Medipk shop, that’s the most ridiculous reason they can ever give.

Away from that, promises to deliver the order within 3-30 working days depending on the remoteness of the country client orders from. The order is delivered using the International Regular Airmail. They, however, indicate that the shipping cost is premised on the weight of the order and it can go as high as $89.99 which seems a bit exorbitant to me. Assuming I am purchasing an order worth $20, it doesn’t seem viable for me to pay a higher cost than the actual price of the commodity. I can make amendments on the order 7 hours post ordering. What happens then if my order is flagged down at the customer or it is damaged on the way? only allows refunds for unopened orders and this has to be within 30 days.

To clarify the shipping cost issue I seek to engross via the live chat and not to my surprise they haven’t replied to my query. Come to think about it if this is how their customer care works, what would then happen in case I fail to receive my order if such a small query can take such a time to get a reply?

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There were no reviews on Medipk official site and who knows why they are absent. My guess is they might not be as good as they claim. Probably, is seeking to sugar coat their slice of bread for it to look good from outside. That notwithstanding, all the truth will come out at the end of this review. I seek to indulge independent review sites for their take on the operations of It turns out that Medipk is a scam and should not be trusted.

For example, Moe said, “Don’t deal with this website. This website is a scam and will not send you the product as described in their website”.

Gaza posted on 20/06/14 and his sentiments were, “Keep away from Medipk it is a scam that does not post your stuff”. has also been branded as a rogue internet pharmacy by Who knows what clients like Gaza meant when they said do not post your stuff on He probably was hacked! Reviews Reviews

Medi Pk Reviews 2016

Gregory said on 24/10/16, noted that the site changed from to They took his order and money and never replied to his emails but dragged him along and never sent him the product.

Derek used a new version of the site, and the experience was excellent. I bet that is a lie! They are just trying to build up a new reputation.

Joanne does not think differently and says that initially, she sent an inquiry about the availability of a certain medicine. Shortly she started receiving numerous calls pressuring her to send the money through Western Union.

The independent reviews indicate that a new version of the site,, is a scam and should not be tolerated at all.

Medi Pk Reviews 2016
Medi Pk Reviews 2016 does not think otherwise as has been labeled as an outright scam and has a “low trusting rate”. also seems to be hosted in the USA but also appears to be from Pakistan too.

Medi Pk Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Medi Pk Trust Rating by Scamadviser

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There are no coupon codes on probably because there are no goods to sell at all.

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