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The next online pharmacy on my review list is Meds Rx. I want to analyze it thoroughly for selection as a reliable ED pills source.

I have started with the data provided on the website; it has claimed that it is dedicated pharmacy to provide convenient access to pharmaceutical needs with minimum prices and hassle. I don’t find when it was exactly established but the website is functioning since 2014 as mentioned at the bottom of the home page. It is a US based pharmaceutical provider providing both generic and branded products. It has not mentioned its main assortment, however the medicines it is providing worldwide are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Butalbital, Tramadol, and SOMA. It is providing these medications to most of the countries including Canada, Europe, India, USA, Romania, and the UK. I like its diversity of shipment locations as it is shipping from India, USA, UK, and Romania.

I like its reasonable cost for each product although it has very limited stock and variety. The price of Viagra 100 mg tablet ranges from $ 1.55 to $ 2.16 while the price of Cialis 20 mg tablet is not mentioned on the website. The price of Cialis 10 mg tablet is $ 1.67.

It has not mentioned on the website that which shipment methods it is using and what is the cost of each shipment method. I have read on a website that it will deduct $ 50 shipment charges on the return of product that’s mean it has shipment cost $ 50 per shipment without specifying shipment method. I like its versatility of payment methods that includes VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMEX and E-Check.

I have made a deep research but do not find the FDA approval for its products. I have tried three times to make a live chat with their customer representatives but in vain. They have given the same response all times that we are trying to connect you as all are busy now but no one has connected even after 12 hours then I sent an email to get information about FDA approval but still I am waiting for a reply.

I am also worried about delivery. Meds Rx is offering a refund policy: if I will not receive my order within 30 days then I will either get a full refund or a replacement of a product I have ordered. It is not providing a satisfaction guarantee.

Meds-Rx Reviews:

The real customer’s feedback can be helpful while making a decision regarding a selection of a new provider. I have thoroughly examined the information provided on the web source, now I want to tally this information with the customer reviews. As the website has stated that it is providing high quality product and service worldwide at minimum prices, the question is how I can confirm this statement. The only source is customer reviews which can tell me what in real happened when they made a purchase.

Unluckily I have not found customer reviews from previous years. This is a sign of its low popularity; it is not popular among online purchasers of medication. Its credibility is not confirmed, therefore. Reviews 2016:

In the absence of recent customer reviews, it is difficult to think positive about I have received a Norton report while ordering a product; it has stated that your personal data might be at risk by making a purchase from this website. So cautions are necessary while using personal data here. It is also reported that it is a very new website and it has not used by any Norton community member. Therefore, it is risky to use its service.

The Scam advisor has also reported it as a new website that is located in the US, but its real location is hidden. It has unknown popularity and 52 % safety while using it. It is not good to use a new service which reliability has not been assured by any agency.

Norton Browser Extension Notification during the Ordering Process on
Norton Browser Extension Notification during the Ordering Process on
Scamadvisor Advice for Meds-rx
Scamadvisor Advice for Meds-rx Coupon Codes:

Coupon codes are an excellent money saving option while purchasing any product especially the medicines. Savings is such an attractive facility that no one says no to it. Most of the online pharmacies offer free shipment on a limit of purchase or seasonal off on the purchase. Such offers are for a limited duration. I have searched out several websites, but have not found any coupon code and the official website is also not offering any sale and discount.

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