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Home Page of is honestly too simple for an online pharmacy. Based on the products in the site’s front page, the ones it sells are mostly generic medication, plus some brand-name ones and also some steroids. I wasn’t able to know where this site is based, or when its operation started, because there is nothing showing up in the “About Us” page in the site, or at least some information in the homepage.

Honestly, I find hard to navigate because almost all of the category tabs in the site turns up a “404 Error” or a “Not Found” advisory. There is literally nothing searchable in this site because almost every tab here shows an error message when clicked. I only found out that the site supposedly has anti-virals, antibiotics, anti-diabetics, anti-anxiety meds, HCG, steroids and its derivatives, pain relievers, weight loss meds, and sexual enhancers. I was even able to search for Viagra, but the site gives an error message when I click the individual meds to look at the product information.

From what little I know, is a site selling both brand-name and generic medications, a bunch of steroids, and that’s it. The site has a bit of ED meds such as the branded Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis; but there are also a number of generic ED variants here manufactured by big-time Indian manufacturers like Ajanta Pharma, Cipla, Ranbaxy, etc. I was able to see Kamagra, Suhagra, Penegra, Lovegra, and several oral jellies; unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see the products’ prices due to the site’s glitch.

Since these meds sold by are either branded or generics (made by famous Indian manufacturers), these are FDA-approved meds. I just don’t know about the site’s steroids. The only concern I have for this site is if the pharmacy is actually legally allowed to vend these meds, because as far as I know, steroids are illegal to personally acquire, let alone be sold online without any prescription or doctor’s recommendation. Yep, the site does not require any prescription whatsoever from the clients for all its products, which makes it easy for clients to own the meds and several controlled substances without the need for consultations and legal approvals. But buyers should beware, as sites which make it easy for buyers to have Rx meds are usually operating illegally.

It is a bummer that that has an FAQ page but does not have anything in it. Or maybe the site has content, but during my visit, almost all its pages give me a 404 Error message. I wasn’t able to take a look at the site’s shipping fees, payment methods, and returns or refunds policies, since the allotted pages for these topics can’t be accessed.’s contact information also can’t be seen within the site the “Contact Us” part of the site also yields a 404 Not Found error, and therefore not allowing me to view if the site has e-mail support or at least numbers I can call the Support by. Reviews:

Since sports a 404 Not Found Error in its Testimonials tab, I was forced to look on the web for other client reviews for the site, if they are available. But, I found out that the site did not have client reviews even from outside sources. simply does not have anything to prove its reputation, which is making me doubt that it is a credible site.

Meds5 Reviews 2016:

Scamadviser Report on Meds5
Scamadviser Report on Meds5

I was also unable to find 2016 reviews for in the web, although I was hoping to, to find out what’s really the deal with this site. But since there were none, I just tried checking with Scam Adviser’s site analysis. I found out that the site was “threat listed” and incurred several malware reports from the past months (as this site’s age is only 300+ days). It is a new site but it was already listed as a Rogue pharmacy, following client complaints about the site. was rated 45% safe, and although it’s not too low, I still wouldn’t trust this site for the numbers alone.

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As I have anticipated, this plain-looking site did not have voucher codes, coupon codes, or discount schemes. There weren’t anything in the site for the clients; just the meds which were, by the way, inaccessible too.

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