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As I have opened the website of, it was looking first like real medicine website having tablets, pills bottles, and colorful packages. This is a new website as it does not have proper sectioning of information related to website and products.

It has three sections that are describing an easy ordering processing and prompt delivery. It is offering discreet packaging with cheaper prices for best quality products. I have searched it deeply but I didn’t find when this online pharmacy was started, however, it is mentioned in its FAQ section that it is USA based online medical store. It is providing medical products, chemical products, and research products for weight loss, women’s health, men’s health, pain killers, steroids, human growth hormone, anti-anxiety, ADHD, steroids, and other pills. I have not found its FDA approval note so I cannot confirm it. Maybe, it will be approved by FDA, but it is not mentioned on the website.

I have found that it is really offering reasonable prices. The price of single Viagra 100 mg tablet is $ 0.90 while the price of Cialis 20 mg single tablet is $ 0.80. It offers two shipping methods: registered airmail that is mostly for domestic use and it takes 2-3 days to deliver parcel while international shipping requires 5-9 days for delivery. When I tried to order Viagra, shipment costs was mentioned as $50 per order. In the US shipment charge is $ 50, then what will it be for international shipment? Unreasonable charge!

Meds Chem Supplier is providing orders worldwide including Asian countries, Europe, USA, UK, and Australia except for Israel. It accepts Western Union, Money Gram and Bitcoin for payment of orders.

It is not offering any refund policy or satisfaction guarantee rather provides a delivery guarantee. I have contacted to customer service to exactly know about shipment charges through email but it has not responded me yet. There is no other way to contact. Reviews:

The presence of customer reviews is a good chance to make a decision about an online pharmacy on the basis of previous customer’s experience. Real people, information, and feedback are really credible that can help out in the right direction. Unluckily, I have not found any previous review for that point toward its suspicious reputation.

I do not think that the purchasing of medicines is a simple process of prescription filling, rather it involves the selection of a reliable online store on the basis of strong evidence such as customer reviews. There is an option that I may encounter a scam online store that will waste my money and health both if I have not checked for its credibility. No previous customer review assured me its low credibility and popularity.

While checking its credibility I have found an analysis based on a telephonic call by scam numbers. According to it, it is scam website that utilizes scam numbers and scam email addresses to entrap customer for fraud making. was Detected as Fake Website Scam was Detected as Fake Wesbite Scam

In the presence of such reports, I can only advice to stay away from such online pharmacy and search any credible option.

MedsChemSuppliers Reviews 2016:

The reviews posted recently on the website are helpful more in assessing current reputation and performance of products and services. But I am helpless in finding out recent reviews on its official websites and other than official websites. So it is very hard for me to assess its reliability in the presence of real customer reviews.

Therefore I have tried to check its safety and popularity through an authentic analyzing website scam advisor. Scam advisor judges it as a new website that has limited and hidden information. Its location was detected in Belize but it was not confirmed. It has unknown popularity with no customer’s views. In the light of above discussion, I am really against of its use with a limited safety margin.

Scamadvisor Legitimacy Report for MedsChemSuppliers
Scamadvisor Legitimacy Report for MedsChemSuppliers

MedsChem Suppliers Coupon Codes:

Discount offers and coupon codes are money saving options that are helpful in economic purchasing but they may compromise the quality. Online pharmacies offered such promotions and sales to attract new customers by making more reasonable prices of their products. I have not found any coupon code or sales offer on the official website of So whatever I have to purchase it will be at full prices.

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