Review – Highly Untrustworthy Seller of Meds! Front Front has been set up by MedSell & Co., which has been supplying medicines to global customers since 2010. It’s not clear from the website where it’s operating from. The medicines available here belong to the following categories: anti depressants/anti anxiety meds, hair loss, human growth hormone, Injectable steroids, Oral steroids, pain medications, etc. Sexual Enhancement meds are available as one of the sub categories. Few meds are available in this category:

The next thing was to check the range and prices of the sexual enhancement meds. Cialis (20 mg) 10 strips are available for $108.00. Kamagra (100mg ) 10 tablets are available for $39.15. Viagra (100 mg) 80 tablets are available for $67.43. Lovegra (100mg) 100 tablets are available for $101.25.

I couldn’t find any information on the site regarding FDA approval of the meds. Payment method isn’t clear, but since the site requires you to create an account, I guess the payment method would become clear once the account is created and products are added to the shipping cart. Not having payment details up front is something I don’t like. Following are the shipping methods:

EMS Registered Post Service Private Courier Service (for selective products and destinations only)

Shipment time is not mentioned. Following are the ways to contact the site:

Email: [email protected]

I sent an email and it eventually bounced back with the message: No Such User Here

Live chat: [email protected] (GTALK). I sent an add reply but haven’t heard from the customer care representative yet.

No details are mentioned regarding refund, only free of cost reshipping is provided in case the product fails to reach the customer. Reviews:

I couldn’t find any testimonials or customers’ reviews about, its services and products’ quality on the site or at any independent resource. I give importance to testimonials or independent reviews at diverse sources, so I didn’t know what to make out of this site. With this lack of insight, I decided to try my luck at Scam Advisor.

Med Sell Reviews 2016:

Scamadviser Report on Med Sell
Scamadviser Report on Med Sell

Scam Advisor did give me a lot of insight. The site is giving the impression to be in the US but is based in Pakistan in actuality. It’s fairly new and a high-risk site and potential customers are advised to exercise caution in dealing with this site.

Medsell Coupon Codes:

There are no promotional offers, discount codes, etc., found on the site.

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