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The former online pharmacy, is perfectly aware that buying erectile dysfunction meds has become a common trend these days. One reason behind this is the high cost of brand meds and the second one is the ease to buy meds without producing prescriptions, especially if you are buying generic meds.

I learned that this online pharmacy has been in operation for the past 9 years—a feat that most online pharmacies are unable to achieve. There is some detail available about the generic meds sold here i.e., they are Indian generics and hold the Indian FDA approval. This is a bit reassuring for customers who are concerned about the safety of generic meds.

One noticeable thing that online pharmacies usually meds categorized under broad health-related issues and Erectile Dysfunction is one of the categories. But this pharmacy only specializes in Erectile Dysfunction, which is listed prominently on the homepage. Since I am only interested in Cialis and Viagra options, so I am sharing their details here: 60 tablets of generic Viagra (25 mg) cost $69.95 and 30 tablets of generic Cialis cost $62.95. You can locate numerous other generic ED meds here if you are interested. There are also Trial packs which combine different ED meds.

You can pay for your purchased meds here through Visa and JCB credit card. You can order your meds through Express International Mail if you want speedy and trackable delivery. This service costs $30 and takes 5-9 days to deliver the meds. However, if you want to pay a little bit less, then there is Standard International Airmail delivery, which costs just $10 and the delivery time is 10-21 days. But you can’t track your ordered meds through this shipment method.

I learned that all the placed orders are to be reviewed by a doctor. In case there is a requirement for submission of a doctor’s prescription, I would be contacted by the customer care department and will be asked to submit my prescription, only then my order would be approved. While I appreciate the practice this online pharmacy has regarding asking for perceptions, rather than selling meds left, right and center without a sense of responsibility, I would have appreciated if this information would have been clarified on the pharmacy’s website too, like in the FAQ section or the policy page.

The policy section of this online pharmacy specifies that if a customer is not happy with his purchased meds, he can get in touch with the Return department which would help the customer return the product. After this is done, the refund process would be initiated by the pharmacy.

There were two other methods to get in touch with this pharmacy i.e., through email or the Live Support method. However, since this store’s now closed, buyers can no longer access this store’s support team and may now consider the use of other functional web pharmacies.

Med Shop Online Reviews

An unnamed customer wrote to confirm receiving his meds and is impressed with the service quality. This same buyer also stated that he will reorder from the store due to its reliable service.

A customer named Yukio says that he found the delivery prompt and received his order a week earlier, so he is thankful for the fast delivery and efficient service of this pharmacy. Testimonials Testimonials

Another anonymous customer has written to the pharmacy to inquire if the deal when 60 pills could be bought for $119 is still valid, as he likes to order more meds from here.

Alan, another customer has written to share his experience with the soft Cialis he ordered from here. He thought that the meds would be soft and instantly dissolvable under the tongue, yet they took almost 20 minutes in getting dissolved but the taste was fine.

Besides these constructive comments for the store, more still existed for Med Shop Online from buyers duly satisfied from its service during the past years.

Medshop-Online Reviews 2016

Albeit the store closed down recently, Med Shop Online still had recent reviews for its service. This store’s comments were similarly themed to its former reviews—buyers thanked the store for its efficient order process and its reliable deliveries. Whilst other buyers commented on the order process and the prices, some also related how the products were effective for their need—some buyers even noted the effectiveness of the generic meds from Med Shop Online for erectile dysfunction. Coupon Codes

Freebies and offers on
Freebies and offers on

In order to attract customers, online pharmacies offer various kinds of winsome discount and bonuses. For instance, Med Shop Online offers free airmail delivery if you order more than 170 pills. It also offers 4 to 20 free generic Viagra pills on orders of other Erectile Dysfunction meds.

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