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If you are looking for a pharmacy to buy FDA-approved meds from, might be worth your attention. or “Mediclub.US” is an “international pharmacy referral service” which aims to give its clients products with the utmost quality, and with affordable prices. deals primarily with generic prescription and non-Rx medications and sells them for prices lower than their brand-name equivalents found in local pharmacies.

Aside from offering medications at the lowest possible prices, is also selling its Rx meds without having clients to send in their prescriptions, therefore eliminating the hassle of going to the GPs. This no-Rx ordering is implemented by since it does not sell narcotics or controlled substances which are habit-forming and therefore addictive. However, will not take any liability with regards to any drug-related outcome for any client and, therefore, advises that buyers should be responsible for having their conditions checked before buying anything from this pharmacy. Although does not require clients for Rx, the store advises that any taking of medication should always be under their doctors’ supervision, to prevent untoward incidences involving drug side-effects.

It was already indicated in’s front page that all of its products are approved by the FDA. However, where the meds are actually sourced from wasn’t mentioned on the site. But usually, generic meds are manufactured in countries like India, United Kingdom, Turkey, and Canada. Actually, it doesn’t matter; generic meds are the same regardless of their manufacturing countries because all generic medicine manufacturers follow just one formula for the drugs.’s drug lineup is numerous; the medicines are grouped according to clinical conditions they are relevant to. The meds for each illness/condition are all specifically listed under the categories. There are several major drug categories sells like pain relief, anxiety, men’s health, sleep and insomnia, and anti-depressants; but still, there are a lot more medicine types available at

Erectile dysfunction meds are found under the Men’s Health medicines. I thought sells purely generic meds, but I was able to find brands like Pfizer and Lilly on its ED meds list. Pfizer’s Viagra is available and it is sold at $120 for 30 pills. I was confused, though, because the listing’s photo and description indicate that the product is Viagra by Pfizer, but there’s a note saying it’s “Revatio”. I just don’t get it. Anyway, Lilly’s Cialis is also in stock here at, and is currently sold at $90 for 30 pills of the 20-mg pill. accepts payments from Money Gram, Visa, E-checks, and Visa Electron. According to the website’s privacy policy, it employs the standard SSL encryption to prevent hackers from stealing credit card information from clients. As for the shipping methods employed, only has the traceable USPS delivery, and charges for $25 each order. Each order is shipped out from’s “Asia” facility within 72 hours from the order processing. Orders can be expected by the clients within 21 days; and if the orders aren’t received in that time period, will reship for free. Refunds are not discussed, and it’s better if clients ask Support personally if they have concerns regarding the matter.’s client support may be contacted at +1-866-744-1140 Toll-free. keeps on mentioning a “live support” but there was actually none showing on the site. It is also funny that the Contact part of the site did not have anything in it. I was expecting a form of some sort for e-mail inquiries, but there was actually nothing to see in its Contact form. Reviews:

For the reviews, there were also none available for The website itself did not have a Testimonials page, so there wasn’t any review available for me to see there. Client reviews from review sites were also not mentioning anything regarding

It may be that it hasn’t been properly marketed, and also may be too new to have its own reviews from third-party sites. But whatever the reasons for the lack of reviews are, I still can’t trust, let alone recommend this untested site to other buyers, as dealing with an un-reviewed site is such a big risk to take. It may or may not be a scam site.

Medsmarket Reviews 2016:

Safety Report of Medsmarket by Scamadviser
Safety Report of Medsmarket by Scamadviser

Medsmarket was rated 62% by Scam Adviser based on the data it gathered for the site’s portfolio. Based on its safety perspective, the site may be risky as it involves high-risk countries. Medsmarket was detected to be in either Romania or Netherlands but it isn’t actually confirmed because the owner of the site uses a service to hide its location.

According to the detailed report, is already in its 10th year, which makes me all the more suspicious as it did not have any reviews despite its long run-time. The report also stated that malware reports were also detected for, and therefore makes clients vulnerable during information exchange during the payment process.

Since there are no external reviews to refer to, I am left with this negative analysis on, and it did not encourage me at all to entrust my orders to this pharmacy.

Meds Market Coupon Codes:

There were a lot of information missing from; for instance, the FAQ page. It also missed having discounts and coupon codes to expectant clients. There were no current offers for clients to avail of; even free shipping isn’t available for anyone at this website.

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