Review – Credible Online Vendor is Back Online Main Page Main Page is an online pharmacy that was previously out of service. I succeeded in digging up the profile of this store from Internet archives and compared it to its current layout. The homepage had an introductory message that sought to reassure customers of their authenticity. The vendor claimed to have restructured its operations and teamed up with a licensed pharmacy within Mexico. It also asserted that its the same company it’s been since 1998.

I navigated to “Frequently Asked Questions” in search of the pharmacy’s policy with respect to possessing a doctor’s prescription as a prerequisite for buying. It was there made the disclosure that the store doesn’t require that of any customer. The only requirement for purchase was familiarity with the medication.

The medicines in stock were arranged alphabetically and included an extensive array of categories. There were medications for ophthalmic care like Chloromycetin, medications like Lipitor(Atorvastatin) for cardiovascular disease, antibiotics, antivirals, ED medications, and diabetes medications. There were also a good number of OTC drugs.

The ED medications available in their stock were varied in terms of formulation and APIs. Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis were all listed on the price list. 4 tabs of 20 milligrams Cialis cost $104.90, 4 tabs of 20mg Levitra cost $104.45, and 4 tabs of 100 milligrams Viagra cost $85. Credit Cards by Visa and MasterCard, as well as Western Union money transfers were accepted for payment. EChecks are now accepted. $19.95 Express Shipping was available for US buyers(no UPS or FedEx).

100% refunds are possible if a wrong medication is shipped as a result of the pharmacy’s error. There is a live chat but there were no agents online. I reached a customer service agent on 1 800 381 8598. He confirmed that they were out of service but are back and that any difficulties experienced are due to firewall settings being updated. Reviews

After acquainting myself with all that information I searched the website for any discussions or testimonials about It turns that wasn’t one of those websites keen on hyping themselves up by highlighting positive user assessments. I was, however successful in obtaining a lot externally. I’ve provided four. Customer Report Customer Report Customer Review Customer Review

The complaining he was referring to must have included the one by a customer named Fredstone. He gave the store a 1-star rating. He called it a scam and urged others to avoid it. He irrespective of your order or the price, all they would send is a few Uprosol capsules. “They will not answer your complaint emails. It’s a scam. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. They are stealing money from everybody.” Testimonials Testimonials

It was a similar story on Cyndil didn’t give the store a single star. She recalled that she hadn’t used her Credit Card for any purchase besides on She got billed for two purchases she didn’t make and immediately recognized the scam. She didn’t have any complaints before then. She suggested using a card not used for anything else. Reviews 2016

I was fortunate enough to find customer assessments from last year on I thought it would be good to contrast the latest reviews with the earlier ones. I got two opposing views which you can see in the screen grab. Testimonial 2016 Testimonial 2016

A customer named Cruzn rated five out of five stars. He recounted how wonderful his experience with the pharmacy was. He had no complaints whatsoever. He said he liked how they treated him with respect and delivered his order to his doorstep in Alaska under 2 weeks. He had paid for his order through a money transfer after the pharmacy called to request that payment method. He was skeptical but relaxed when the store confirmed pick up. He received exactly what he ordered. “Excellent customer service…I will be a returning customer”. Review 2016 Review 2016

BillTempo, on the other hand, had ordered medication worth $236. A package was shipped to his address but discovered that they sent pregnancy pills instead of his order. He explained that this couldn’t have been a misconception since he was a man. He was similarly advised against using his Credit card. He used a bank transfer. He wrote them an email but got no response. He recalls that customer service seemed unwilling or unable to provide his medications. Email correspondence dragged on for weeks. He had planned on moving his medication orders to Medsmex but was forced to reconsider. Coupon Codes

Searching the website for discount coupons didn’t lead to the discovery of a single discount or bonus. It has become commonplace in the online pharmacy marketplace to see a discount on the very first buy a customer makes or even on the second purchase and beyond. Some online vendors also offer free pills in addition to every order. The offers may be either time-limited or recurring. Free shipping could be offered for purchases exceeding say, 200 US dollars or 300 US dollars. I was surprised that the administrators didn’t take advantage of this trend.

Conclusion is a generic and Brand name drug vendor that was out of service for a short time recently but has restored operations. I was able to confirm that from customer service. It has been around since 1999 and today, like at the start, it is committed to providing prescription medications at the lowest prices primarily in North America. The medicines in stock include Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. I didn’t see any reviews on the vendor’s website which prompted me to search for reviews externally. When I did, I came across opposing testimonials about Some were totally satisfied with the service they received and got exactly what they ordered delivered to their doorstep right on time. Others were livid at having received the wrong medication and subsequently being unable to rectify the problem or getting charged for orders they didn’t make. I didn’t find discounts of any kind. The balanced reviews I got on unaffiliated websites is why I’m giving a 3-star rating.

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