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I don’t exactly have high hopes for a website called—don’t ask me why, it is just a first perception—but then again, after doing so many of these e-pharmacy reviews I don’t have high hopes for most of them, such is the density of scam operation to legitimate business. There’s just something about this site layout—as clean as it is in this case—that puts me on alert at this point. But I’ll do the research and find out.

Well, okay, to start with, “about me’ section gives just about no information at all, and what it does give is in broken English. I had to use to find out that the website’s hosting is based in Amsterdam, while the website is operated from Ukraine, absolutely one of the worst signs possible. Why a Netherlands-based company would use a Ukrainian hosting platform is beyond reasonable explanation, other than that they’re not actually Amsterdam-based. Also according to whois, it looks like they’ve been up and running since 2014.

Meds-wise they have everything, but they specialize in ED medication, FDA-approved. It claims to sell Viagra as low as $0.92 a pill and Cialis at $1.31 a pill, both insanely low, probably false prices. Payment methods accepted are the usual credit cards, though maybe a few more than the average one of these websites. has two shipping methods, airmail service (10-21 days) or trackable courier service (5-9 days). Airmail costs a flat $10.00 and trackable a flat $30.00 (though in the FAQ ist says that shipping rates vary, and obviously they would).

For customer service they have two phone numbers posted, and a live chat. I connected to the live chat but it just sat at “connecting, please wait…” for eternity. So, I’m guessing it’s another fake set-up.

Meds Plaza Live Chat Window
Meds Plaza Live Chat Window

They claim to offer a refund on missing or damaged merchandise, but I’m going to guess that that’s not actually the case. Reviews:

I wasn’t able to find any concrete reviews external to, so here we are again, looking at local “testimonials,” probably written by the webmaster or some poor copywriter working for 0.001 cent a word.

Tom from “Clearwater” writes that he “received his package yesterday,” though it “took its time getting [there].” Seems like a cover to stop buyers from getting worried when their package inevitably seems to be late, and then very late, and then even later…

Joe from Gate City writes that “all is well,” which is pretty broad, and that the “package arrived as scheduled.” He also lauds the company’s “outstanding customer service.

Farya from Sacramento writes sincerely “Thank you so much for your honesty” and that she will be “a permanent customer.”

Okay, just in case these “testimonials” were somehow convincing you, I should make it known that identical reviews were found copy and pasted on several similar sites. So you can more or less bet on the fact that this is a fake site, and it’s for sure a dishonest one, at the very least. Reviews Reviews Reviews 2016:

Further “testimonials,” while not being copied from another site (that I know of) give pretty much the same ultra-positive non-information.

Peter writes that he is “satisfied with quality of products and service” and says the online chat was helpful. He says that he received his order just like the site said he would.

Okay, maybe not all ultra-positive, they have to throw in at least one negative review to throw us off their trail, I guess. Brandon “from Belgium” writes that they couldn’t solve his problem via live chat, so he “had to call them cause [he] wanted to hear human voice.” Apparently his transaction was declined. There’s no real end to his story here, though, strangely enough.

Looking the site up on Scam Advisor, I see that they’ve, unsurprisingly, been given the dreaded “Low Trust Rating,” getting a 0% on the 0-100 scale of trustworthiness. So, they’re as high risk at it gets, folks. Don’t go there. Stay away if you know what’s good for you, and since you’re reading this review, I’m sure you do.

Meds Plaza Reviews 2016
Meds Plaza Reviews 2016
Scamadvisor Trust Rating for Meds Plaza
Scamadvisor Trust Rating for Meds Plaza

Medsplaza Coupon Codes:

Though we’ve pretty much confirmed the site as a scam, in the interest of completion I’ll go over the deals they have for would-be customers (or victims, as the case may be).

All their deals apply to “reliable customers” which I’m guessing means people who’ve previously ordered before. These reliable customers can get 10% off on future orders, 4, 100mg generic Viagra pills in on top of any regular ED med order, 10 100mg generic Viagra pills for all orders starting at 90 ED pills, a free ED trail pack with any order starting at 120 ED pills, and free airmail service for all orders above $200.00.

These are all pretty decent deals, but again, they’re all probably just fake lures for the scam.

Medsplaza Discounts and Bonus System
Medsplaza Discounts and Bonus System
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