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I initially thought that is a site selling make-up and beauty products. Well, I was wrong. I can’t see the significance of model’s pretty and perfectly contoured face for an online pharmacy, but on the other hand, it sure is catchy. is another site in the roster of online pharmacies vending generic prescription medicine. It has done so since 2008 until now. The site is located somewhere—it is not indicated where this site is stationed at, but I’m guessing it’s somewhere in Europe. The meds’ manufacturers are disclosed at one portion of the site, and mostly are drug companies in India. As for the FDA approval, all the meds are FDA approved, according to the site info. This is also a non-prescription site, meaning that the Rx drugs here can be bought without doctors’ prescriptions. That is illegal practice, and is very dangerous for the clients. There is a purpose to prescriptions, and they should not be taken for granted.

Even if the site listed a number of drugs it sells, the ED meds are the site’s best-sellers. Since this site sells generics, the ED meds are quite cheap. The range for Sildenafil Citrate is $2.28-$2.95 each, depending on the strength of the pill (for minimum of 10 pills). The price is $0.36 to $1.38 each for wholesale (360 pills up), depending on the client preference of pill strength. Tadalafil, on the other hand, is sold at $2.18 to $3.89 each for a minimum of 10 pills, and depends upon the pill potency. For wholesale orders (360 pills up), Tadalafil (generic Cialis) costs $0.88 to $1.82 only. The wholesale prices are quite cheap, but I can’t imagine myself buying the drugs in those amounts. That’s just impractical.

If ever I am to buy here, the site’s payment options are through major credit cards, bank transfer, and Bitcoin. Shipping here is also offered in 3 different ways; Unregistered Airmail ($10), Trackable Courier Service (30$), and Express Shipping for USA clients only ($50). Of course, the prices indicate the speed in which clients are able to receive the packages: for Airmail, 14-21 days; Trackable Service 5-9 days; Express US shipping, much faster. If in case the orders received are damaged, or were not delivered, the company can either reship the orders or give a refund, as the site is giving a “100% money back guarantee” for all orders.

I have a lot of questions for Support but I guess I was unlucky; Support was offline last time I checked. The site can be contacted through leaving a message in the allotted message board in the site though. These are the numbers where the site can be called: Phone Support Phone Support Reviews: Customer Experience Customer Experience

The site had an allotted space for testimonials, and as expected of in-site reviews, they are all positive. Luigi from Naples and Dieter from Wiesbaden commented on how they were satisfied about the site’s pricing. Client Luigi even mentioned that he was able to save up to 400 Euros per month by purchasing in this site.

The clients Nicolas from Mertz and Joanna from Pittsburgh related in their reviews their appreciation for the site’s products. One can tell by reading their feedback that they were really impressed with their purchase.

But since these reviews are not so credible as one might think, because these are mere in-site reviews which can be manipulated by the site to make its service more enticing. The site had no other reviews aside from what it had within the site—there were no reviews from third parties whatsoever.

The fact that these in-site reviews were the only reviews existing for the site makes me question this site’s credibility. The reviews did not even have date signatures in them! I hope to find more proof for in-site reviews before totally believing them. There should be a “purchase verification” method before anyone can post anything regarding a product in any online pharmacy.

My-Medstore Reviews 2016: Trust Rating Trust Rating

There were no 2016 reviews existing for this site either, and frankly, is unusual for a site which started 8 years to-date. I don’t know about the in-site ones, however, because like I mentioned earlier, they did not have dates in them. As for blog or client reviews for this site from third-parties, there are none, which makes this site suspicious.

Scam Adviser rated “0% safe”, meaning that it’s not safe at all. At a zero percent rating I think I cannot expect any form of security from this site upon my order. I might as well just flush my cash in the toilet if I’d think of ordering here, because it’s pretty much the same principle anyway.

My Medstore Com Coupon Codes: Free Shipping Offer Free Shipping Offer

This site is currently offering a 10% discount on all orders regardless of the total amount. You just have to enter the code 10PERCENT upon checkout, and voila, discount applied. There is also free Airmail shipping offered by the site for clients with orders $200 up.

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