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Today I have up for my online pharmacies review. MedStoreOnline is partnering with the top drug companies from Europe and is maintaining its reputation by offering the unique and the top class drugs on behalf of a number of reputed and standard companies.

Not only has it provided its clients with the shipments of their ordered medications for free, but also on the discounted rates that allow them to save their money. Well, its ‘discounted rates’ is a questionable statement.

While navigating through the website of, I find it to be among the more expensive online drug stores, as it offers Sildenafil drugs starting from $115 (90 tablets, 100mg) and Tadalafil drugs starting from $95 (20mg). Most stores I’ve been to only offer Sildenafil for at least $30 for the initial batch to help customers gauge their service. I think the $115 initial order is a big amount to spend for an initial transaction with any online store.

Med Store Online claims to provide fast shipping between 7 to 14 business days for EU products and 7-18 business days for Indian products. In case of any issue, they also offer free of charge re-sending of your order or a full refund of the amount paid. Besides this, the site promises the skilled and expert doctors who are licensed to prescribe you the medication suitable for sexual problems, so that you can be sure to get the best and effective medication regarding your condition with minimal to no side effects.

There are several ways I can get assistance for my order at Med Store Online like calling its toll-free US number, using the live chat, filling out the contact form, skype calling, and Skype chat. However, I have yet to try this store’s efficiency when it comes to customer support because the live chat was unavailable during my encounter with the store. Reviews

In order to check what the customers of think of this site and its services, I have reached some reviews from customers who have used this drug store to buy medications to treat their sexual problems in past years like in 2k14 or 2k15. Just like the reputation of, the customers have reported good service in their reviews. On the other hand, there are also some customers, who have failed to receive their desired medications from Consumer Report Consumer Reports

I have some reviews here from past few years, most of those customers were satisfied with the services of and were insisting on purchasing the drugs from this online drug store in the future. Among many customers of, Ms. Penny was one, who seemed to be satisfied and happy with the services of this pharmacy. She reviewed this pharmacy and stated “I have ordered MANY times from Very happy with the quality of meds and quick, reliable services. Will continue to use their services”. Consumer Experience Consumer Experience


Sherry, another client of this pharmacy didn’t find this pharmacy to be working efficiently and commented “no good review at all been 10 days and nothing.. They keep saying e-check failed. Approved over phone and still nothing. . is this a scam?”.

Although there were good comments for the shop, the presence of ill reviews from disconcerted clients still makes me hesitant to fully trust this online pharmacy.

MedStore-Online Reviews 2017

Well, after getting the info about the online pharmacy reputation based on its past services, I wanted to check if this pharmacy has been able to maintain its level. I pounced on some recent reviews of customers and has received all the positive reviews and proved that quality in medications in 2016.

Dated back to May 17, a customer named Janell reviewed this pharmacy in words “wonderful customer service! Customer service is just excellent. Items ordered are delivered on time.”

A customer Jeff also found the services of this pharmacy to be excellent and reviewed as “Your service is great”. Consumer Reports 2017 Consumer Reports 2017

Good comments were the ones available for Med Store Online, but it still haunts me that some consumers had concerns about the shop during the previous years. Still, despite the excellent comments for the store, it is still important to take this store’s testimonials with a grain of salt and transact with the store with care in the future.

MedStore Online Coupon Codes

Just like the local wholesale drug stores or other shops, online pharmacies are also offering great discounts on their different products regarding their prices, meeting the demands to increase their sales. Most of the people actually look for the discounted rates before placing an order online. also offers the customers discounted rates.

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