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Today I will review this Indian drugstore I came across during my quest for the ideal online retailer. On a first impression it looked like a website good enough for shopping. However, as I browsed deeper, my opinion changed. is an Indian website operating since January 2015, all of its products are invariably made in India.

When I saw the homepage of the website, the first thing that struck me was that, apart from the advertisement banners taking up more than half the page, the website interface was otherwise quite simplistic. Initially I took this for a positive sign, expecting to find their list of products under the heading of ‘categories’, I clicked on it only to find three subheadings of nutritional supplements, hot deals and hair growth & care. They had mostly health supplements like Bourvita, Horlicks and Pediasure along a vast range of health related products like baby diapers, skin care products and glucometers amongst others. I had almost given up hope that they would have ED drugs or any other drugs for that matter. But I found that on their ‘hot deals’ list, they had advertised about Penegra, a generic brand of sildenafil. It was priced at around $0.4 per pill. Apart from that they had a few other medications like metformin and Vitmin B complex capsules. I do not think any of their product has FDA approval.

The most irritating thing about the website was that there was no listing for the medications they provided. I had to type ‘sildenafil’ in the search bar for it to turn up some results. They did provide contact numbers, email addresses and had an online chat system which was offline when I tried to talk to them. Also, in their ‘about us’ section, they have mentioned that they will not sell any prescription drug until we send them a scanned copy of their prescription. They had a scheme of free shipping for orders above INR 1000, but no further details could be elicited. For any further instruction, concerning how long shipment would take, I had to make and account which I did not bother with. Reviews:

Medzstore is quite a new website, so I was unable to find any review for the year 2015. Also, up till now, the kind of vibes I am getting for this website, I hardly think there would be any true, honest reviews. To confirm my doubt, I decided to pass the website through Scam advisor and search for reviews on third party websites. I did find another Indian website though, which mentions Medzstore among one of the best online drugstore! However, the fact that you can pay only in INR and they do not seem to cater for international clients is a big turn off. Though the website does have a section for international customers, clicking on it does not turn up anything. If that does not scream of scam, then I do not know what else would. Anyways, I did try to find recent reviews and passed the site through scam advisor. I came up with very surprising results.

MedzStore Reviews 2016:

I could not find any testimonial on the parent website, however, I did find some reviews on Google play concerning the app version of the drugstore. One customer Lloyd Jeyasingh was quite unsatisfied and states that Medzstore has “the worst customer service online. …till today they not supplied all items which we ordered…worst customer service I ever seen’’. It seems that he had some delivery issues with his order and no one from the customer service department helped him out. However, this was the only negative comment. The rest were mostly positive. DJ prabhu mentions that he had excellent first experience and response was prompt and delivery swift. Dhanansingh Raja on the other hand said great response and great service. Similarly, Mathura Pinky also mentioned that they had a great service.

Frankly, it is very difficult to accept that all the reviews are genuine. For a website, which has such a poor user interface, I hardly believe that the app version is so good that most users have given it 5 stars. Also, I passed the website through scam advisor which gave an ambiguous response at 58% of safety level. Even if a third party website gave Medzstore good reviews, I would not have believed. A website where there is no proper drug listing and half of the links do not work is certainly not a website to be trusted.

MedzStore Reviews 2016
MedzStore Reviews 2016 Trust Rating by Scamadvisor Trust Rating by Scamadvisor

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Despite everything, they still had coupon codes offering up to 15 % discount. For any retailer, whether online or local, the mention of sales, vouchers and coupons gives a definite boost to customer’s population and sales. Similarly, for Medzstore, apart from its own coupon code, it also offered coupons and vouchers for specific companies. However by this time, I am so disillusioned by this website that even 50 % discount sale would not attract me.

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