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There are only a few online pharmacies on the web which specialize in selling certain medication types, and is one of them. is mainly concerned in vending lifestyle medications for men’s needs. Most of the meds sold by this store are brand-name ones, but it also stocks generic options for clients who wish to purchase less costly meds. The pharmacy’s main office is located in New Zealand, but there’s no information regarding when the site started its operations.

I have discovered that was actually not a real pharmacy, but rather a member of an affiliate pharmacy group which sources meds from the pharmacies connected to it worldwide. All the brand-name meds sold by are sourced from fully licensed pharmacies which are allowed to dispense such medications. As for the drug regulating agency approvals, there was no statement, but the brand-name meds are by default approved by the FDA. I think the generics are approved as well, as generic medications will not be permitted to be manufactured without the proper drug-regulating agency approvals.

There is no need for clients to provide Rx’s for their meds, but the orders are still subject to evaluation by the site physician. When approved, the orders will be issued prescriptions by the physician so the site can fulfill the orders.

Although only has Men’s medicines, it only has a handful of them available. There are just 6 ED meds available for clients to purchase. Cialis made by Lilly is available here at $83 for 4 tablets, but the others like Sildenafil and Vardenafil were not available. MensMedicines has Dapoxetine, though; Priligy by Janssen-Cilag is sold at $150 for 6 pills.

Shipping rates vary depending upon the location. For instance, the USA, territories, and APOs have this rate: Registered Air Mail $10 and Express (EMS) $25; while international orders are charged as follows: Registered Air Mail $13 and Express (EMS) $30. Payments for the items and the fees are via Visa, MasterCard, and Discover; the site provides SSL encryption for the payment page so clients are assured that their details are safe during data transfer.

Refunds are only given for errors made by Aside from that, none were discussed, like for cases of non-delivery, for instance. Clients should just use the site’s contact details below:

Main Office:

  • Men’s Medicines.Com
  • 6 Princes St
  • Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Toll Free USA +1 877 425-3810
  • Phone: +1 702 609-8388
  • Email: [email protected]

Mens Medicines Reviews:

As for the reviews, none were found for The site did not have a section for the testimonials and from external client reviews either. It is alarming that a store that is operating for 15 years does not even have a single customer who could confirm the credibility of the vendor and clear prospective clients’ suspicions.

Mensmedicines Reviews 2016:

Since Mensmedicines did not have external client reviews available, I checked it with to have more information regarding its status. was rated 58% safe by Scam Adviser and detected malware reports for the site.

Mensmedicines Scam Analysis by Scamadviser
Mensmedicines Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

The location was also hidden since the owner is trying to hide its location using a certain service. has been in operation for almost 17 years to-date, according to the analysis. Coupon Codes:

Discount Offer by
Discount Offer by

There were several discount offers for clients by New customers are entitled to a $10 off their first purchase of several marked items like Dapoxetine and other items. Returning customers are entitled to 5% returning client discount on all orders.

Customer Loaylty Discount Offer by
Customer Loaylty Discount Offer by
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