Review – Mexican Store With Many Deliveries Delays Main Page Main Page is a licensed online pharmacy from Mexico that has been distributing brand name and generic prescription medicines since 2004. The wide variety of meds dispensed by this pharmacy are federal regulated and produced in Mexico.

The team at MexMeds4you have all the technical knowledge to help customers to get the best and most appropriate medication for them. Each person has to answer a set of questions, which will be then evaluated by a staff member to then supply the necessary meds. This is a safety measurement that conveniently replaces the need for a prescription.

Consumers are able to choose among 900 Mexican drugs, categorized into different medical conditions. MexMeds4you provides medicines for allergies, anxiety, epilepsy, digestive problems, herpes, cardiovascular diseases, and much more. Their main assortment seems to be meds for thyroid-related problems and erectile dysfunction treatment. A box of 50 tabs of Levoxyl can be obtained by $16.50, whereas 100 tabs of Generic Levoxyl costs only $13.50. With a generic, you can obtain twice the number of pills at almost half price. 4 tabs of Pfizer’s Viagra have a cost of $100.80 per box, whereas the generic version of Sildenafil Citrate is available at $9.00 per pill.

The meds can be purchased via several payment options, yet neither offers buyer protection. accepts American Express, Visa, and Mastercard cards, Bitcoins, or Direct Deposit on Wells fargo.

On a very unprofessional note, the store’s shipping policy page is “coming soon”, so I wasn’t able to completely figure out how shipping works here. On its FAQs page, MexMeds4you explains that a package can take up to 20 business days to arrive and is sent via international airmail.

Damaged products will have a full refund. Otherwise, no refunds are available. The store can be contacted either by phone through the number: 001-855-785-8471 or by sending customer support an email. Reviews has gained some popularity over the years. The store has some mixed reviews in independent websites. Feedbacks posted on exterior websites are always reliable and consistent since these are posted by real clients who purchased from a certain store.

Shauna considers MexMeds4you to be a good store and is “very pleased”. She shares her experience with the store by saying she got her first order without a problem. However, her “second order didn’t arrive initially”, describing it as “less-than-ideal”. After reaching out, MexMeds4you reshipped the meds without any extra cost.

User HT also believes MexMeds4you is a good store for Canadians. According to him, the shipping was “prompt” and “it crossed the border” without any harassment. The description of meds was also “accurate”.

Sue is also “very satisfied with this company”, mentioning she will keep ordering from them. After contacting customer service, the pharmacy shipped the remaining products in no time.

Dina received her order in a “padded, brown envelope” around 4 weeks after ordering her pills. David says he’s been using for “nearly a decade” and “successfully received dozens of meds” without any problem. Testimonials Testimonials Reviews 2016

I believe lost some popularity over the years. Most of the reviews I found were really old and none of them was from recent purchases.

I resorted to scamming alert websites to figure out what could possibly be wrong. Scam Adviser recognized MexMeds4you as an unsafe website that has been threat listed before. Moreover, the store is not located in Mexico at all. The pharmacy’s domain was located in the United States, with good changes of operating from Germany. Has Been Threat Listed Has Been Threat Listed

Buying from is not recommended as the store simply scored a 22% trust score on Scamner’s evaluation. Once again, the pharmacy is recognized as a non-popular one. Scamner advises consumers to be aware of the potential danger associated with Safety Level Safety Level

I have to say that the company is listed in the “not recommended” list of NABP which clearly justifies these low trust rates given by Scam Adviser and Scamner. Coupon Codes

The meds provided by weren’t exactly sold at a competitive price. Many other online drugstores, particularly the ones which distribute meds manufactured in India, can offer extensively lower prices for the exact same meds. I obviously had to search for some other money saving options.

Sadly, MexMeds4you does not provide any type of coupon codes or discounts. The prices are fixed and there’s nothing more you can do. The company doesn’t offer discounts for returning customers, or any advantage of buying in bulk.

I hope the marketing team is doing at least some special offers from time to time to attract more clients. Without discounts and with higher prices, it’s obvious that doesn’t have a wide number of clients.

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