Review – Most Likely a Scam that Is Already Gone Main Page Main Page was an online pharmacy that was operating all the way down to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. The store was supplying a variety of prescription drugs to many people all around the globe. The products can be acquired at very low prices, and My Health 24 guarantees only high-quality meds. Customers who lived in Europe and other countries in America and Asia were the main beneficiaries of My-Health-24. The pharmacy claimed to be one of the best online drugstores in the market.

The products catered by this pharmacy were mainly for treatment of erectile dysfunction, depression, premature ejaculation, among other medical categories. Besides its affordable ratings, the store used to provide extra seasonal discounts. My Health 24 assured that their pricing range was 70% less than in local pharmacies.

The online pharmacy only dispensed meds if clients submitted a copy of their prescription for certain drugs. If not, the client could opt to be evaluated by affiliated doctors who were a part of this pharmacy. This way, the store ensured that all meds were distributed safely and consumers’ health was preserved.

After approving the order, the meds were packed into a very discrete package and securely delivered through standard international airmail or express mail service. I wasn’t able to check how much the fees for shipping were. accepted only one form of payment – credit cards. For extra inquiries or information, customers could contact the store by calling their toll-free hotlines in the United Kingdom and the United States. Reviews

Whenever I want to buy something online, one of the very first things I do is to search for reviews either for that specific product or the online store. Having reviews help other potential clients to proper investigate a pharmacy, and evaluate the possible risks of purchasing from there. Furthermore, it is pretty clear that the more positive reviews a store have, the most likely it is for someone else to trust them and purchase there.

Negative reviews are just as important. One bad review in the middle of very few average reviews or in a store with zero other feedbacks, can extensively damage the pharmacy’s reputation and guide clients to any other drugstore.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to tell you anything at this point. I didn’t find any review from a previous customer. On the Internet, there wasn’t a single client who shared their experience with Reviews 2016

Since no direct client reviews are available, I had to check reputation using other ways.

According to my findings, this online drugstore was, most likely, a fraudulent one. Scamner gave a negative review, giving it the lowest trust score possible. Moreover, the pharmacy did not have an SSL certification, thus users’ data could be seriously compromised. Scamner considered the store to be untrustworthy. On a very important note, Scamner stands out the fact that My Health 24 was accused of selling illegal content, and has been reported several times as an online scam. Main Page Main Page

Scam Adviser also evaluated the store as a 0% trust rate pharmacy. The drugstore is considered to be unsafe and fraudulent. The website’s domain was located in the Netherlands, as advertised by the company, but the real location is being hidden. Trust Rating Trust Rating

I can say that this particular pharmacy has been reviewed negatively many times by several pharmacies analyzing websites. Additionally, the store has been listed as an unapproved store by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacies. Coupon Codes

As far as I could see, was not offering any coupon codes or another type of discounts. Besides what is stated on its homepage regarding the up to 70% savings when compared to drugs bought in local pharmacies, no other promotion was advertised.

Without any discounts, it’s very hard to attract clients. Having other saving options helps to keep consumers in a good mood and ensures loyalty.

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