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Home Page of adds itself to the list of Mexico-based online pharmacies aimed at giving access to clients to the branded and generic drugs which are, otherwise, highly priced in the USA. The pharmacy professes not to sell any generics that were manufactured in India or other “third-world” country; only sells meds which were made in reputable sources. It is the site’s 5th year today, and it intends on running longer as it promises to always give the best customer service for its clients.

Unlike the other sites, doesn’t just have the drug lineup by medical category. It has several product arrangements that can help clients search for the meds they need easier. Clients are given the option to search for the meds alphabetically or by brand name too, aside from the grouping by medical category. also includes a search function where clients can search for products they can’t see in the website’s lists.

As for the FDA approvals of the medications found here, there is no mention; but since all the products being sold in are from well-known and reputable brand manufacturers, the medicines are most likely approved by the FDA. Since did not have its FAQ, there is nothing describing the order process to be undertaken by the clients; there is also no advisory to send-in the prescriptions for the Rx medications sold by this store. In short, clients can freely order any drug they see posted on the website.

Although there are numerous meds found on, but I was surprised finding only one Erectile Dysfunction medication available for clients to purchase. This store only has Levitra (Vardenafil) manufactured by Janssen-Cilag. The 4-piece pack costs $79 (10 mg). It was surprising that only has one drug available for ED, while other sites have numerous ED meds available, including several derivatives for each type. charges $12-$18 for the basic (AirMail) shipping depending on the country or territory the products will be shipped to. Mexico and USA deliveries are charged only $12, but orders for the rest of the world costs $17-$18. An option for EMS or express delivery is also available during checkout, and local clients (Mexico and the USA) are charged $25 for it, but international orders are charged $45.

Payment options offered by are payments via Visa or Bitcoin only. The payment page is 256-bit enabled and SSL secured by Alpha SSL, according to the site. Since this pharmacy did not include a much-needed FAQ page which has all the information regarding the order process and returns/refund policies, I was unable to see whether is able to do refunds or reshipments for failed orders (non-delivery, damage to orders, incomplete orders). A site without any policy regarding these matters is certainly sketchy, as these policies are the ones clients hold-on to in case of untoward incidences related to delivery arise.

Clients may contact Mymexicandrugstore using its e-mail form, and that’s it. There are no phone numbers and e-mail addresses provided for client inquiries. There is also no client support like live a chat option available for buyers to use. This is the only address provided: My Mexican Drug Store Ciudad de Mexico 06600, and it seems to be too vague for anyone to find. This contact information part of certainly doesn’t make me feel too good about it. Reviews: Reviews Reviews

Aside from’s own client testimonials from the website itself, there was no actual (external) client testimonial available for me to view. Ken Ralston gave 5-stars for its Levitra, and thanks it for “improving” the quality of his life.

I had trouble finding other client testimonials for, but I stumbled upon a thread in discussing the store’s authenticity, although there isn’t a definitive answer with regards to the concern.

Kitsoan1989, a user from Pharmacyreviewer (posted 2-12-2012) said that is “pretty legit”, but according to him, the fact that the site had reviews dating from 2010 had him concerned because the site was relatively new at the time of his comment. The user Feefee (2-12-2012) seemed to agree but said that Mymexicandrugstore may have gone by another site name and may just be a re-launched site.

My Mexican Drug Store Reviews 2016:

My Mexican Drug Store Trust Rating by Scamadviser
My Mexican Drug Store Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Although the clients did not have a clear answer regarding Mymexicandrugstore’s legitimacy as a site, Scam Adviser seemed to have its own take about the site. was rated a skimpy 0% out of the possible hundred, and was given a “low trust rating” by the same site. According to the detailed analysis by Scam Adviser, was listed as a Rogue pharmacy and had a number of malware reports related to it in the past years.

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With regards to vouchers and coupon codes, had none for its clients to use. There was also no offer of free shipping for any amount. I find sites like this one stingy, considering other sites have deals which are favorable towards their clients. But in the end, it’s each to its own site, I guess.

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