Review – Ukrainian E-Pharmacy Posing Security Threats Design Design content is congested and placed in a rather chaotic manner making it hard to read or even pay attention to any particular portion of the home page. Since does not have an About Us page which is weird and definitely have me asking the question: why? I had to check up the domain with an analytics tool. Scamadviser reveals that the servers are Ukrainian and have been hosting for the past 12 years. The owner’s identity is, however, hidden and thus leaves no way of knowing the site’s country of origin but I bet it’s one of those high-risk countries where internet users are all too well synonymous with online security threats. offers a limited range of drugs given that their category list is quite narrow as one can tell by clicking the categories sitemap. MyPharmaShop also offers no quantitative indication of what their specialization is, however, the top listed category involves hormonal medication. Furthermore, there is no comment on the accreditation of drugs offered on Mypharmashop and this gets me thinking that there is a lot that the creators of this site did not consider. In my perspective, the compromise here is too huge for a genuine e-commerce store that aims at transforming lives through honestly supplying cheap drugs. accepts visa for checkouts as well as money gram and bank-to-bank transfer. It is worth noting however that there are other payment solutions indicated elsewhere within the same site that the FAQ section does not assent to. On the top right corner of the website, there are icons of MasterCard and American express payment options, which are not mentioned in the FAQ section. also does not offer information regarding as to their shipping partners but only vaguely mention that they ship worldwide and apply a fixed rate for all shipments regardless of the location. At this point, I feel like I do not need to look at any reviews to decide that is a poorly planned swindle operation. My Pharma Shop contains no information at all to describe the legitimacy of its products. It has also tried to copy other sites FAQs but only made the mess of omitting the significant details and what they are left with is more of a rough copy of the concepts how they should run the e-commerce store. doesn’t even have a conventional contact option. They instead opt for a ticketing system that one has to be logged in to access. However, in as much as I wanted to establish if it’s true, I did not login due to the fear of the security of my details and I highly recommend that you do not register with them either.

As for refunds, there is no mention of a refund policy on Reviews:

K.M. writes “got it yesterday on 9/9/2015”… Now, even before I generally comment on all of these testimonials I have to single this one out and say it has been ‘over-faked’. The explicit mention of the date, however accurate, does raise some questions when you consider the psychology of someone writing a review, it is simply uncommon.

H.J. writes “great news. Received my order today. Thank you”.

R.C. writes, “Order was received today”.

R.W writes, “All products have been received”.

When I look at these reviews, what strikes me is that they are too blunt to be from a grateful client. For instance, R.W.’s review above, how is that a testimonial? The goods could have been damaged or not as expected but he leaves out the essential details that carry the empathic happiness of a satisfied customer.

Besides that, I would like to bring to your attention that these reviews are unmodified copies of customer feedback found on other sites, and thus clearly indicating that is fraudulent. Reviews Reviews

Mypharmashop Reviews 2016:

I will totally disagree with Scamadviser this one time. Somehow, Mypharmashop managed to get a security score of 77% and Scamadviser passed it as a safe place to visit. I feel that there is nothing genuine about Its cooked up reviews are not even the usual ultra-positive hype that scam sites are used to. This coupled with the poor conceptualization of the whole site’s design just makes it clear that whoever created did not do it with the intent of making a profit through honestly selling drugs.

Mypharmashop Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Mypharmashop Trust Rating by Scamadviser

My Pharma Shop Coupon Codes:

Mypharmashop offers quite a sensible and realistic looking coupon code that mostly benefits new clients as they are guaranteed to receive free shipping for their first order. The coupon also includes a 5% discount for WU and MG orders as well as an additional 5% discounts for any orders amounting to more than 650 euros.

Discount Offer by My Pharma Shop
Discount Offer by My Pharma Shop
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