Review – An Online Pharmacy I Could Trust — If Only It was Still Operating! Main Page Main Page is already non-operational. Affordable generic drugs and worldwide shipping were among the promises of when it was still operating.

My Secure Tabs started operating in 2007. Their website boasts that they had served a total of 50 thousand customers worldwide. This online drug store operated from Mumbai, India hence all drugs shipped from this online drug store were manufactured from India. All of the medicines they offered were Indian FDA approved.

If this online pharmacy is operating today, I might get excited just by looking at their cheap-priced ED medicines. They have generic Viagra for $1.02 per pill (100mg) and generic Cialis for $1.19 per pill (20mg). Most medicines offered by MySecureTabs were generic medicines. Aside from these ED drugs, the website also offered antibiotic, antivirus medicines, skin and hair care medicines, and antidepressant drugs.

Customers who used to order from pay their order with Visa and MasterCard. They also accept Prepaid and Debit Cards. According to their website, buying from them is risk -free because of their refund policy, they value confidentiality and repack your order before shipping it to you and they will keep your information secure.

When was still operating, they offer two shipping methods. They have Standard Airmail Service (USPS for the US) and Express Mail Service (EMS). Both shipping methods don’t accept deliveries to P.O Box addresses. Standard Airmail Service takes 7 to 15 business days for the order to arrive while Express Mail Service takes 5-10 business days. Shipping costs depend on the destination of the order. In addition to these two shipping methods, customers can also opt for Secure Airmail Service (mostly for customers in Europe). Delivery for this method of shipping takes 7-15 business days.

Contacting was easy with their phone numbers 0-808-234-2048 and 1-800-305-436. In addition to these numbers, My Secure Tabs can be reached at 1-800-471-4247, which was their office phone in India. They also have a “contact support team” link and an option to “contact management directly”. These contacts though cannot be tested anymore since the website is no longer operational.

For customers who need to return an order, they need to report or contact the support team for their request to be processed. As promised on the homepage of, undelivered or lost orders will be refunded. Reviews

A simple look at website can give you a lot of information. They have their address and a phone number to contact their office. These are the things that I always look for when doing my online buying to ensure that I am dealing with legit sellers. To further check My Secure Tabs, I decided to look for their customer reviews. Customers Reports Customers Reports

Tim S from the US gave a 5-star rating because of the Viagra pill he ordered from them. He said he was happy with the quality product he received and had used the site twice for his ED problem.

In 2015, Gene, from the US, also praised the staff and the products that he received from He added that he had been a loyal customer because they took care of him. When he had an issue with his most recent order, the staff of My Secure Tabs helped him.

Ben, who was also from the US shared in 2015 how happy he was with his experience in buying from He said he had been ordering from them and that he loved the fast shipping. He gave a 5-star rating.

Although I am a skeptic with positive reviews, I can say that most of the reviews of were well-written and believable. The only issue I had was the date the reviews were written. All three of them were 5-star ratings and were all written in March of 2015. Were they paid reviews? Were they fake? To make some sound decision about it, I decided to check the status of My Secure Tabs from Reviews 2016

A quick check with revealed one interesting thing about – they have “high trust rating”! Trust Rating Trust Rating

According to, is 83% safe to use. It means that this website is for real, they deliver and send real medicines and perhaps, the customer reviews above were real too!

To avoid being scammed, I also checked and find out that was tagged as a “rogue” website. is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

According to, they tagged as a “rogue” pharmacy because it didn’t meet the standards set by as an online pharmacy. also verified that this online pharmacy is no longer active and has been “offline” for some time now. Coupon Codes

When making an online purchase, the first things I check are prices and current promotions. knew this hence on their website, you can find a promotion. Bonus Pills Offer Bonus Pills Offer

One promotion that had used was “buy in bulk and get more”. This promotion was specially created for their ED drug customers. If a customer purchases 500 generic Viagra, he will get 30 free pills and he can get the Viagra for $0.95 per pill (instead of $1.02. If a customer decides to get 1000 pills, he will get additional 30 free pills and a pill will just cost $.90.

The same promotion goes for Cialis customers. A customer purchasing 500 pills will get 30 more ED pills for free and the price of a pill will be reduced from $1.19 to $1.15. For a thousand pieces of Cialis, a customer will get 30 free more ED drug and the price of Cialis will be reduced from $1.19 to $.99. For retailers and wholesalers, this could be a great way to earn.

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