Review – A Non-profit Organization That Helps You Get Discounted Meds Main Page Main Page is a non-profitable organization which provides information resources to people who cannot afford their medication at the typical costs. Needy Meds details the several types of medical assistance programs to which people can apply and obtain their meds at a much significantly lower price. The organization started this process back in 1997 and have been a savior of many patients who simply cannot afford the costs of healthcare.

The programs set by Needy Meds have a tremendous value to those in need, and many people already benefited from the good will of Needy Meds. The organization even provides assistance to further help those in need to find the appropriate programs. Patient Assistance Programs (sometimes referred to as PAPs) are listed thoroughly in Needy Meds. These programs cater free or low-cost prescription medications to people who are uninsured or under-insured. All these meds are FDA-approved.

Moreover, Needy Meds also offers discount drug cards for several medical services, including purchasing medicines. These cards are often offered by state government, non-profit organizations, and drug companies.

In order to obtain either a PAP or a discount drug card, there are certain criteria that applicants need to meet to become eligible. is not an online pharmacy at all. Its main goal is to help people to obtain their meds at affordable prices at other local pharmacies. Needy Meds Free Drug Discount Card can save consumers up to 80% off the usual price of a prescribed med. Needy Meds also offer another card for generics savings. People are asked to submit a small donation either way after using the card to contribute to the organization’s cause. Reviews discount cards are a tool extensively used by many consumers to get their meds at a discounted rate.

Jack S says that this card “cannot replace insurance” but it was “essential” when he didn’t have insurance. Jack mentions that the card does “lower the cost of the antibiotics”. Testimonial Testimonial

Andrew C. heard about this card from his own doctor who explained that patients “saved money using it”. However, this consumer is not entirely satisfied as he only saved $10. Andrew goes on and says since it was free, he could not “complain”.

Patricia E. explains her process to achieve the maximum savings while using Needy meds discount card. She believes it is better to have “more than one of these discounts cards” in the wallet. According to Patricia, different cards provide different discounts, thus when going to a store, a person should always give several cards and check which one provides the cheaper option.

I should note that these discount cards are only allowed to be used in determined local pharmacies. You always need to check on which pharmacies accept Needy Meds Drug Discount Card. Reviews 2016

Facing the lack of recent reviews concerning, I have to resort to information given by security analyzers such as Scam Adviser. Since Needy Meds is a non-profit organization that does not sell or distribute any medications, I was expecting only impeccable results. Here are my findings: Trust Rating Trust Rating Safety Information Safety Information

Indeed, Scam Adviser completely trusts Needy Meds, considering this goodwill website to be entirely safe to use. Users can rest assured that nothing bad will happen by using this website. Nothing surprising here.

Scamner awarded Needy Meds with an 88% trust score, telling consumers that the website is completely reliable and trustworthy. Scamner also realized that Need Meds only has a decent popularity.

With such good trust from scam alert websites, I believe is a quite reputable organization that is just trying to sincerely help people to improve their health. Coupon Codes is most known by its famous Drug Discount Card. You can request several of these little cards and use them in your local pharmacy to obtain up to 80% discount on different FDA-approved meds.

According to the information given on the website, Needy Meds Drug Card already saved consumers a total of $209,250,898.39, which is an incredibly high amount of money. Discount Card Discount Card

Needy Meds Drug Discount Card can be used to purchase prescription medicines, OTC medications, and even pet prescriptions. It seems to me that it’s a pretty sweet deal. Cards can be ordered from by filling a small form only. Emergency cards can also be downloaded quickly on the website. The company typically asks for a small donation to continue to provide affordable medicines and health care to people who don’t have the financial background to sustain it. These donations can be as low as $5.00. Nevertheless, it’s optional and the cards are still available free of charge.

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