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Today I will review I came across while I was searching for a reliable pharmacy.

NetDr is an online drugstore which has been functioning since 1997. It is claiming to be based in the USA. They seem to specialize in male sexual health apart from skin and hair care. Indeed, their products ranged from Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, to Retin A for skin and Finasteride for hair loss. They had limited products, but the best. As for the prices, I found that on average, a pill of Viagra is $46. That is very expensive I believe. Furthermore, I will have to pay $50 as a consultation fee, as most ED drugs are prescription requiring drug. As for payments, they accept all the credit cards, along with Paypal. I also tried checking if they could be contacted. However, their live chat system was offline for the moment, and I was told to email any query. They have also put up a number which can be called in case one is in doubt. As for the safety of the website, well they are quality certified, so you can rest assured that your private information will remain confidential.

Chat is Offline on NetDr
Chat is Offline on NetDr Reviews:

Before ordering any product from NetDr, I would like to check feedbacks from previous users. Hence on browsing, I found the following.

Felix Raya has given it 5 stars and says he has been a customer for the last 17 years. “I have purchased Viagra from them, and I always receive it within a day or two……they were indeed legit pharmacies. I have never been disappointed”. Another customer David K ordered Viagra and states that NetDr is a reliable company. Adding to the list of positive reviews, a certain Mr. Franklin says “Thank you for the great service and discreet packaging. Everything I ordered was sent fast, and the order was correct”. And lastly, Steve mentions that he has been using NetDr for years and he commended the team and said well done. I think NetDr is liked by consumers around the world. Reviews Reviews Reviews Reviews

NetDr Reviews 2016:

However, I wanted to see if consumers are still using the website for their purchases, so I tried looking for latest reviews and passed the website through scam advisor. I came up with polarizing results. One one hand we have the scam advisor suggesting that the site is threat listed and on the other hand we have testimonials from the sites users, like James Klein swearing that he has been with NetDr for years and was always satisfied with the service. For any company or online retailers, it becomes difficult to trust reviews from their website. So I tried searching for other websites or blogs who have mentioned NetDr. Luckily, I did find some sites which mentioned that NetDr is safe and reliable. However, the only downside for me up to now is the price of the medications. They are quite expensive and not much different from the local store I purchase my medications from.

NetDr Reviews 2016
NetDr Reviews 2016
Scamadvisor Advice for
Scamadvisor Advice for Coupon Codes:

As I have already mentioned, for me, the reason I am looking for online retailers is to obtain Viagra or any of its generic brand at a good price. So, I tried to look for discounts or coupons that would be applicable for NetDr. There seems to be a discount of 10 % on first purchase plus 20% off if you purchase stuff for above $100. Seems fair enough. But the $50 that they charge as doctors consultation fee seems too much, though the next time you buy, they will only charge $25.

Coupon Codes for NetDr
Coupon Codes for NetDr
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