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I am committed to come up with a recommendable list of online pharmacies which customers can depend upon for genuine ED medication. We are all familiar with the fake sites that scam innocent consumers, making profits by failing to solve a need. If I am to review, an Indian Licensed Pharmacy, I will have to get some facts right and learn from experience customers had while using their services and products.

The online store is labeled as an Indian Pharmacy owned by Dadha & Company. I noticed that they have over 100 years’ experience in supplying and distributing quality generic medication. They make the product accessible in their site and make fast convenient home delivery. If I suffer from Acid Reducers/Acid Reflux Medications, Allergies, Asthma, Cold & Flu, Ed/Impotence, Hypertension/High Blood Pressure, Osteoporosis, Weight Loss or Obesity, Acne, Tuberculosis (Tb), Constipation, Diabetes Medications, Hyperthyroidism and Skin Diseases, among others, then am assured medication from this store.

One 100mg tablet of Viagra costs USD 8.365 or a 50mg tablet of Viagra will cost me USD 6.520. The site accepts Payments in the form of credit or debit card, Cash on Delivery (COD), Net banking and Netmeds e-Wallet. There are no additional professional fees or hidden when ordering, but prices may fluctuate. Delivery is only made in India and the cost and time may vary depending on the location address. Orders that cost Rs.1000 or more get free delivery, prescription drugs, and Non-Prescription orders less than Rs.1000 will be charged Rs.49 and Rs.99 respectively.

I can get a full refund If the product delivered is defective, lost, damaged or expired. I noticed I could contact then through their telephone number, 1800-103-0304, and email- [email protected] I phoned them and was assisted; I now understand that they don’t have international shipment and only operate within India. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to use their service due to being located outside of India. Reviews:

I happen to be a fun of drawing conclusions out of customer reviews. It is also good to consider what others have in mind about a product or services. In my search I happen to come across an independent site with customer reviews, surprisingly all of them are negative. Let’s consider some of the reviews that were posted in the year 2015.

When I look at Anand Behera’s review which was posted on Dec 26, 2015, I am made to believe that Netmeds has pathetic and has the worst customer service. I had to hear more, and this is what is he said, “I have order online from Netmeds on 18/12/2015 Order ID: NMS151218114987W, after one week they called me for conformation, next day I got a message from Netmeds We regret to inform that we have canceled your order, wow!! what a customer service. Never Ever purchasing anything from this website. TOTAL FAKE.” I believe the problem here was the cancellation of order without details or lack of communication.

Another customer, sridharmu, published that they have very bad service and I should not dare use He also said, “6th November I ordered. Still it is in processing status. Today is 11th November. Is this the way you will deliver the medicine after 6-7 days? When you people try run the online pharmacy, you should understand the basics this service. Don’t come to the business just by having a website and a mobile application.” If you read it well, you will agree with me that the delivery time was the main problem. In general, they have poor services in terms of customer relations and delivery of orders. Reviews Reviews

Netmeds Reviews 2016:

I was able to find a couple of reviews that were posted in 2016. One customer, Jakx, posted a new review in the same independent site equating netmeds to Worstmed. He also said, “This is the most unplanned and very ill monitored start up. Horrible service. I order few medicines worth 1700 and I paid in full through paytm. I ordered on 4th September and. On 7th sep 8.30pm I get s call from Chennai Netmed saying one of the major time in my bill was with only 3months expiry… and he was asking shall I send it … is that a joke.” According to him the site scored poorly in terms of on-time delivery, payment options, customer support and product range.

Another customer, Sumanth Mysore, also thinks that the quality is not efficient and they have the worst customer service. His words were, “when we order the prescription drugs to Netmeds they will never update the status correctly. Delivery time is not strictly the customer representatives will escape from answering the questions of the customers Netmeds are liars, cheaters giving false assurance to customers we will deliver in 2 to 4 days but it will never come in time. my experience I have ordered the medicines on Monday I made the payment through online till now i have never received the medicine. worst custo.” This shows that he was not satisfied with their communication system and false delivery assurance. According to him the site scored poorly in terms of customer support, returns & refunds, website security, mobile app and on time delivery.

Netmeds Reviews 2016
Netmeds Reviews 2016

In another independent review, a customer, Tarique Javed, reviewed the site and published on Thursday, 08/09/2016 that it is a Good site. He said, “One cannot wait to get the medicine online after 7 days.” But the latest review was from Anwar Hasan Khan, who still insists that this site has the worst services. In short, he said, “The worst service i’ve ever seen. they take 2 days to verify your prescription & then they take a week to deliver the medicines. Instead of such a long procedure the company should go for the short.”

It is now clear that, the site has a negative vote from the customers based on their customer support and delivery time.

Net meds Reviews 2016
Net meds Reviews 2016

Net Meds Coupon Codes:

It is rare to find an online pharmacy without coupon codes, offers, and discounts. I expect that Netmeds has a lucrative means to make me buy and come back for more. In deed, they have three discounts that can help me save money. Apart from saving from their Reward Points program and free delivery one can get hold of their new offers. Let me enlighten you on the saving options I came across.

I am told that they have a flat 10% discount on prescription drugs and does not require a minimum order to get this offer. I also learn that I can get a 15 % discount on prescription drugs only if I use a code, NETMEDS15, and the minimum order value to get this offer is RS.1500 or more. The EXTRA 5% Cashback is valid on all Full Pre-Paid non-prescription items only Orders.

Net Meds Best Deals on the Internet
Net Meds Best Deals on the Internet
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