Review – Untrustworthy Drug Store with Fake Reviews Main Page Main Page is a virtual pharmacy that has been licensed and has a broad range of products. The domain was unavailable for a while but now New Healthy Man shop is back online, hopefully, stronger than ever. The products available on New Healthy Man website are mostly related to sexual health. The website claims that the prices at which it is offering drugs are the lowest among all others in the market. New Healthy Man is working from the Republic of Panama and has been working on the internet for over 4 years. Some of the ED products that are available on this drug store include Cialis, Viagra and Levitra. Other products available at this store include hair loss, weight loss and cholesterol. The company claims that all of its generic products have the exact same ingredients as those present in the branded medications. The price of 100 mg generic Viagra is 3.33 US Dollars per pill which is too expensive.

As far as the shipping service is concerned, the company processes and ships all the orders within 24 hours. Standard Airmail ships the products in 2 to 3 weeks while the EMS takes 3 to 8 days for the same purpose. Worldwide shipping requires an additional payment of 10 US Dollars via Airmail and 20 US Dollars via the EMS. Shipping of products comes with an option of tracking for the convenience of the customers. As far as the payment methods are concerned, the company accepts payments via Visa, E-checks and American Express. New Healthy Man company has asked the customers to contact the support team for refunds if they are not satisfied with their choice of products. The products available at New-Healthy-Man are certified by CIPA and MIPA and are guaranteed to work. For contacting the company, customers can call at +1-760-284-3222 and +4420-3286-3820. They can also fill out a response form available on the website and mail it to the company. Reviews had some reviews mentioned on its official website so it was time to check them one by one and to know more about this company.

The first review was made by Jonathan who lived in France and said that he was “extremely pleased” with the pills and the services that were offered by NewHealthyMan. He further mentioned that he used to pay a lot when he used to visit his local GP and now it had all become really easy thanks to this store.

Christian living in France said that New Healthy Man had a “fantastic customer service”. He thanked the company in his comment and said that he would order again from here. Customers Reviews Customers Reviews

Liam living in Ireland said that he ordered his drugs from New Healthy Man which reached him really quickly “despite the snow”. He also mentioned that it was way cheaper to buy drugs from this pharmacy than to get them locally. Liam also said that he had been ordering from this store before and would order again.

The reviews present on the website of New Healthy Man seemed to be copied. Also because they were restricted to the official website only, I decided not to trust them. Reviews 2017 has not received any reviews in the recent past that could justify how this store has been working lately. Therefore, I had to check the reports evaluated by different websites such as LegitScript to see what they had to say about it. is a Rogue Website is a Rogue Website

LegitScript has not approved of New Healthy Man and has called it as a rogue website. It has said that this website had been working without confirming its status and therefore, it is not safe to be used by any client. Safety Level Safety Level

Scamner has given this store a zero percent trust rating and saying that NewHealthyMan is not a store that is safe for browsing or buying medications. Coupon Codes

The store has given a few discount offers to its customers. One of these offers is regarding free pills as the store says that it will grant Viagra pills for free with every order but has not told how many of them would be granted. Discount Offer Discount Offer

Upon ordering medicines having a total worth of more than 200 US Dollars, the store provides free shipping to its customers. Moreover, it says that the drugs available at this website are at 70 percent reduced price as that of the prices on any local pharmacy.

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