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There used to be a licensed pharmacy that catered, almost exclusively, sexual health related medicines., how this virtual pharmacy was known, started dispensing drugs back in 2009 but has ceased its operations during late 2016. As for now, this e-shop’s account is suspended without any expectation of re-opening its services. New Healthy Man claimed to supply clients with only licensed medicines which are internationally certified and approved. These drugs, sold at very competitive prices, were shipped directly from New Healthy Man physical store, which was managed by health professionals, to every place in the world. The online drugstore was based in the Republic of Panama and had a website written both in English and Spanish. Despite being established in South America, the medicines were all produced in India.

New Healthy Man’s main page displayed all the bestselling products, which consisted in medicines to treat erectile dysfunction in men. These products include generic Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) and Cialis (Tadalafil) that could be obtained by only $1.95 per pill. For those folks who are not sure which pill works better, ED trial packs were also available to give them the option to try a bunch of different impotence pills.

Like many other online drugstores opened for so long, was submitted to some evaluations and quality analysis over the years. Sadly, most of these reviews turned out to be negative and severely impacted New Healthy Man sales and services, driving consumers away from this online shop.

Most of the products delivered by New Healthy Man were manufactured by the recognized Indian pharmaceutical Ajanta Pharma. The drugs were shipped and delivered in an estimated time of 10-15 days, for an extra cost of $20. Clients were able to use credit cards or cash. Besides ordering online, New Healthy Man also gave the option of ordering via phone. Damaged or lost items were eligible for a full refund.

For further questions, the store could be contacted in different ways, including phone, email or live chat.

As for now, New Healthy Man remains unavailable and with a suspended account indefinitely. Reviews

Most of the existing reviews of were quite negative. Many customers exposed their disapproval towards the store, giving New Healthy Man an image of an unreliable, dishonest and illegitimate online store.

In middle of so many negative reviews, two users show to be quite happy with New Health Man services. For example, Gene explains that he received 3 orders already and he believes the other reviews are “bogus”. Moreover, he says he will place another order after posting that same comment. Feedback Feedback

Peter, on the other hand, received his order “promptly” but says the products were ineffective. He explains that he took New Health Man’s “Cialis but nothing happened”. Another bump for this drugstore’s reputation.

Ron Nordstrom advises consumers to be careful with the store, saying the “order never filled”. Additionally, the store didn’t respond to his “emails and phone calls”. James, regretfully, shared the same experience as he “never received the product”. James also advises users to “don’t use this site”.

Joe clearly states that’s New Healthy Man is a “scam” and users should “not use them”. Joe saw this store being advertised on Fox and order some meds. Unfortunately, he lost his money and nothing was delivered. Victor is another user who is clearly unhappy since he didn’t receive either the “order or a full refund” one month after placing it. Reviews 2016 had a dedicated page for users to post their reviews. Of course that, supposedly, users would send the review first via e-mail, and only then the store would post these comments on the website. Unlike the reviews displayed above, the ones on the store’s official website are only positive. Here are some examples:

Nick Jameson from Chicago says he “couldn’t have gotten a better product”, showing to be quite content with his order. Straight from New York, Richard Brown claims to be ordering for New Healthy Man for many years and was never disappointed, wishing he could “order everything from them”. Feedback 2016 Feedback 2016

This sort of positive reviews is spread everywhere in New Healthy Man testimonials page. However, they are not reliable and it’s very likely that the store manipulated such reviews. The reviews from an independent website and from the store’s official website are extensively different, making me believe that the last ones are definitely false. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Scam Adviser’s results also showed that New Healthy Man is unsafe. This scam alert website believes that this online drugstore is suspicious. Moreover, the store is not based in Panama, but in India with a very high chance to be from Hong Kong as well. Coupon Codes wasn’t one of those stores which offered a bunch of discounts or coupon codes. However, New Health Man was offering a promotion for clients who purchased Viagra or Cialis. Buying at least 60 or more pills of these medicines would include 20 extra free pills for only $134.00, including free shipping. Bonus Pills Offer Bonus Pills Offer
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