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To be honest, this site looks very basic and unappealing. I think ugly is the more appropriate term. is a Japan-based online pharmacy which sells Indian generics since 2008. If this site had been up for that long, I do not understand why the upkeep of this site too low. It’s like it’s made straight out of MS Word or a plain text document.

It is different from the other sites I have encountered in a sense that the product list is straightforward; there are no categories to choose from, the drugs are already up for viewing and purchase. They sell mainly ED drugs, which have competitive prices. For example, Aurochem’s Sildenafil costs $55 per 30 pieces of the 100mg tablet. The 90-pc pack costs $120. They also offer these for a much lower price when purchased through Bitcoin. Tadalafil by Aurochem costs $57 for 30 tablets (20mg), and is priced $125 for 90 tablets. Those are good deals for ED meds, considering they are offered with free shipping via EMS.

Like mentioned in the site, Nippon Pharmacy sells Indian generic medicines. I just have no idea whether these drugs are approved by the FDA, because it is not stated in the site. But what I know is that the site does not require prescriptions upon ordering, but instead requires the clients to present the prescription upon receipt of the products. I do not know that there was such a policy, for most of the sites actually require the prescription immediately when ordering. It’s either that, or that the sites do not require Rx at all. So this policy (presenting the Rx upon package receipt) is quite new.

Nippon Pharmacy accepts payments through Bitcoin and wire transfer. There is no shipping fee, for the fees are already included in the product price. Nippon Pharmacy ships orders via EMS, same day or the next shipping day, and sends the clients the EMS tracking number. As for the other fees that might arise in the order process, the taxes imposed by each country’s customs are not yet included or specified. The transit times are not guaranteed by the site, but it is stated that transit for international orders take 3 weeks at most.

As for refunds or returns, the site does not accept returns. They only have reshipments if there was non-delivery of the orders within a month’s time. Incomplete orders also qualify for reshipments, if filed within 2 weeks of receiving the incomplete order.

I have tried placing an inquiry, but unfortunately, the site is offline. I am still waiting for the message response. The site can be contacted via Skype or Facebook messaging. It was pleasant that the address of the company and the contact numbers are also posted on the site. Nippon Pharmacy (under Win Corporation) can be contacted through these hotlines: +81 50 5532 2835 (Japan), +1 646 233 2278 (USA), and +44 20 3287 7374 (UK). Their email support aside from their Facebook and Skype is: [email protected]

Nippon-pharmacy Reviews:

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I have found several reviews of Nippon Pharmacy in Pharmacy review, and the thread included positive notes regarding the site. The clients were able to receive the orders from the site, and some older threads praised the site for fast delivery. The downside, however, is the potency of their ED medication, as one reviewer related that he thinks the stuff he bought from the site is only 75% as potent as Viagra. Also, he experienced burning in his skin, and he turned red and dark after using the Cialis.

It is good to know that the site was able to deliver the products ordered, but I think I would not try the meds due to the side effects; and to think that meds from this site aren’t sure to be FDA approved.

Nippon Pharmacy Reviews 2016:

Nippon Pharmacy Reviews 2016
Nippon Pharmacy Reviews 2016

For the more recent reviews, I have found this thread in Reddit posted July 2016. It was regarding a recent purchase, and the site was rated good enough, with emphasis on the price. The quality the buyer received was rated 10/10 too.

Nippon Pharmacy Scam Analysis
Nippon Pharmacy Scam Analysis

Scam Analyze also gave the site a “safe” rating with regards to browsing, and rated “HTTP secure”. It meant that it is okay to browse the site without fear of those who siphon essential information for nefarious purposes.

Nippon-Pharmacy Safety Report
Nippon-Pharmacy Safety Report

The rating given by Scam Analyzer is fair too, as the site was rated 58% safe. The domain is correct; but, according to Scam Analyzer, the site may still be “unsafe”. Coupon Codes:

For the coupon codes, the site has none, but it offers free shipping for every order, without a minimum purchase. Also, they offer lower prices for purchases done by Bitcoin; around an $11-dollar or more difference with the regular price. The free shipping is a great, great deal for clients, as shipping fees usually costs huge, especially for international orders.

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