Nmihi.com Review – A Health Information Platform Linking To Very Suspicious Online Pharmacies

Nmihi.com Main Page
Nmihi.com Main Page

If you are looking to gain some extra insights of certain health conditions or nutrition-related topics, including which kind of medications you can take for that particular disease, then you might benefit from websites such as Nmihi.com. This health information platform answers to every question a user might have the medical diagnosis, to symptom relief, and pharmaceutical solution. Nmihi was created in 2007 aiming to give health advises to every person around the world.

The platform already compiled more than 500 articles, which are organized alphabetically. Nmihi strongly wants to evolve, thus is now preparing an online guide to prescription drugs and a self-care manual with tips on how to relieve certain symptoms and prevent diseases. Users will be able to access a full explanation for a wide array of pharmaceutical products such as prokinetics, beta blockers, seizure medications, antipsychotics, among others. For each pharma category, Nmihi explains the components of such meds, how to use them, side effects, and for what medical conditions they are prescribed. Moreover, Nmihi also highlights the symptoms of an overdose so patients can recognize the earlier signs of danger and go to the emergency room immediately.

I was looking for some extra information regarding meds to treat erectile dysfunction, so I used the search button with the word Viagra. Nmihi displayed a quite detailed page about Sildenafil Citrate, Viagra’s active component, providing me with all the information a consumer must know. Whilst Nmihi.com is not a store itself, Nmihi suggested a store where I could buy Sildenafil Citrate online for an average price of $1.23 per tablet. However, I did a very quick security check on the store suggested by Nmihi, only to find that this store was unreliable and unsafe to use.

I’m starting to suspect about the actual purpose of Nmihi.com. I hope the website doesn’t exist just to lead innocent buyers onto suspicious online pharmacies. Nevertheless, the database is still useful as it gives many hints and tips of how to become a healthier individual.

Nmihi.com Reviews

Nmihi is not a direct source of meds. Nothing in the website makes people believe that Nmihi.com is an online pharmacy. Thus, it hardly has customer feedbacks and other reviews.

Even though Nmihi is not a direct seller, it does point out some available online stores from where users can obtain their meds. I advise readers to be very careful and always check the reputation of these online pharmacies before ordering something.

Now, regarding the health tips given by this platform, the information can always be double checked with WebMD.com or the Mayo Clinic.

I even tried to look for feedbacks regarding the usefulness of Nmihi.com on the Internet but without any luck. I’m starting to believe that Nmihi is not a popular database.

Nmihi.com Reviews 2016

In order to understand how safe Nmihi.com really is, I had no other choice than using scam alerting tools. These tools are particularly useful because they evaluate certain security statistics to distinguish between reliable and unsafe websites.

Legit Script labeled Nmihi as a rogue internet pharmacy. Plain and simple. Users should stay away from this website and it’s linked online stores.

Nmihi.com Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy
Nmihi.com Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

Based on the information given by Scam Adviser, Nmihi.com is most likely from Russia, even though the domain is based in the Netherlands. Russia is considered to be a high-risk country, thus caution is, once again, advised.

Nmihi.com Trust Rating
Nmihi.com Trust Rating

For a website that is merely a platform, Nmihi.com has a considerable amount of warnings. The website could have malware or any other lack of security indicators.

I have to say that I did a quick search on the online pharmacies “advertised” by Nmihi.com and wasn’t very pleased. These stores are very unreliable and quite young. Once again, use your discernment.

Nmihi.com Coupon Codes

Since Nmihi.com is not a store, no coupon codes or discounts are given. If users want to save some money, they have to check if the pharmacy recommended by Nmihi provides other offers to save money or not.

Nmihi doesn’t provide any coupon code to be used on a certain e-pharmacy either. This is a typical gift offered by pharmacy review blogs to attract more readers. Either way, Nmihi only provides information and nothing more.

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